Fittingly for DC Comics’ “Fastest Man Alive,” the Flash has zipped past the rumor mill and it would appear that he is confirmed to be added to the cast of ‘Arrow’ in a recurring role this season, before spinning off like a tornado into his own CW series!  Addressing the Television Critics Association, the CW’s Mark Pedowitz expressed, “We want to expand the DC universe of characters,” and stated that the Flash’s alter ego, Barry Allen will be popping up on ‘Arrow’ this season in order to set up the spin-0ff which will be an origin story for The Scarlet Speedster.

Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti

Nothing else is confirmed but the series is rumored to be in the hands of Arrow co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and director David Nutter, with DC’s Geoff Johns contributing scripts (as he has done with ‘Arrow’).  Nutter will script the pilot, as he did with ‘Arrow’, with Berlanti and Kreisberg running the show.  Marc Guggenheim, ‘Arrow’s’ executive producer will remained focused on that series and will not be involved with ‘The Flash’ (or whatever it winds up being named).

After the long-running success of ‘Smallville’ which ended its ten-year run in 2011 and the breakout success of ‘Arrow‘ one of the most successful new shows of the 2012 season, The CW has been eager to expand upon its television take on the DC Universe, slipping several notable comic book heroes and villains into ‘Arrow’s’ plots.

David Nutter

Earlier this year, the CW announced plans for ‘Amazon’ a series which would chronicle the origin of the Amazon who would grow into Wonder Woman, but the initial take did not make it to the pilot stage.  In May, the network ordered a new script.  At the TCA gathering, Pedowitz confirmed that “’Amazon’ is on pause (as) the script is not exactly what we wanted, and with an iconic character like Wonder Woman, we have to get it right.”

So another Wonder Woman project has bitten the dust.  Why can’t she catch a break?  The Lynda Carter series did everything right!  Just use that as a model!

But I digress!  I’m surprised the CW didn’t announce ‘The Flash’ at SDCC, but maybe things weren’t finalized yet.  In my opinion, spinning the Flash (who is usually paired with the Green Lantern) out of Green Arrow’s show reminds me of ‘Smallville’ using GA in place of Batman all those years.  Even though it’s different from the comics, it could still be good!

What do you think?  Will the Flash fit into the world of ‘Arrow’?  Will the introduction of such amazing super powers throw off the show’s gritty reality?  Any casting choices?  Will this finally be Adam Brody’s shot at donning the speedster’s golden boots after being linked to the role for YEARS?  What about Aaron Paul, now that ‘Breaking Bad’ is ending?  He knows a thing or two about chemicals by now, right?  Is the impossible-not-to-love Alan Tudyk (also my choice to play Ant-Man) too old?

Comment below with your picks and reactions!

Source: Deadline