The Daily Bugle Viral is at it again, posting another news story written from the perspective of the citizens of the Spider-Man universe.  The use of actual characters, some major, some obscure as the reporters delivering these stories and as the subjects mentioned within seems  to hint at a richer Spidey universe, which is what Sony is banking on, already stating that there would be at least four additional Spider-Man movies after this summer’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and also announced spin-offs for ‘Venom’ and ‘The Sinister Six’.  Previous viral postings have also made (usually subtle) references to The Enforcers and The Jackal as well as Doctor Octopus and The Vulture, both of which have also been referenced in the trailer for ‘Spider-Man 2’ and are likely candidates for ‘Sinister Six’.

It’s hard to gauge just how much validity to place on these articles.  Does Sony actually plan on using She-Venom in a movie or are these just fun Easter Eggs meant to entertain fans in the know?  Only the future will tell.

The latest viral news story written by Eddie Brock (the man who will become Venom) reports on the capture of serial killer Cetus Kasady (who later becomes Venom spin-off Carnage).  If Carnage were to make an appearance, it would make sense to be in the ‘Venom’ movie since he is derived from that character.  But he (or both) could start in a ‘Spider-Man’ movie and then in the spin-off.  It’s also entirely possibly one or both could be in ‘Sinister Six’ since in the comics they have both done stints with the team.

Here is the article courtesy of The Daily Bugle Tumblr:

Many fans complained about Topher Grace’s take on Venom, so hopefully Sony will find someone who more closely fits the character as he appeared in the comics.  Carnage can be a dark choice so maybe they’ll have to tone him down to appeal to a broader audience, i.e. toy-buying kids and their potentially easily-outraged parents.

Would you like to see Carnage onscreen?  If so, how should Sony approach the character?  Comment below!

Source: Cinema Blend