Roles are reversed and trust tested, as events pick up immediately from last week’s episode. Abbie remains trapped in the past and in dire need of convincing a Colonial Crane of their role as Witnesses, as well as the danger to his life. This intriguing switch plays wonderfully throughout the entire series of happenings, and quickly escalates by saving Ichabod from the hands of the Horseman, but in doing so she has derailed the entire future she has come from.

With Abbie able to partially convince Ichabod of her usefulness, the pair head off to meet up with Benjamin Franklin, in hopes of him being able to shed light and aid in the situation.  He is quicker to believe everything Abbie says, which leads to a rather humorous exchange over which of his inventions is most remembered, but quickly moves somber when he deduces who is aiming to end Crane:  Katrina is coming for them, having just pledged her support with the Horseman.  This alliance leads to quick results, as an attack on Franklin’s house leaves the founding father dead and the pair scrambling to safety.  Yet, he did not die before imparting knowledge that could help return Abbie to her own time and reverse everything that has gone wrong so far.  Her ancestor, Grace Dixon, can reverse the spell and all they need is to reach Fredrick’s Manor.

Unfortunately, their actions lead to Abbie being imprisoned once again and Ichabod removed from his position in the Colonial army.  This puts him perilously close to death when he returns home to Katrina, but her strange actions and a quick intervention by Washington’s soldiers puts him out of harm’s way.  For the time being, at least.

An overzealous commander threatens Abbie with a show of ‘American strength’ that leads to a great exchange in which she deftly secures her freedom just as Crane arrives, secure in belief for his partner after viewing a video exchange on her phone.  The pair reunited and trusting of each other once again, they head off to Fredrick’s Manor with evil close behind.

Upon their arrival, they find Grace quite willing to help, though the spell required to return Abbie to the present will drain the magic wards currently protecting the Manor.  In order to secure her safety, Ichabod departs to fend off the Horseman and Katrina in order to buy Abbie time, despite her protests.  A dangerous duel begins outside and Grace imparts important information about future conflicts as she completes the ritual.

Just as Crane is in mortal danger the spell succeeds and Abbie returns to the present, finding herself in the grasp of an enraged Katrina.  The witch refuses to yield and almost kills her, but Ichabod intervenes and ends up killing his wife to protect his partner.  Of course, this exchange leaves him in a state of emotional shock, but there is little time for it to be fully felt, as Jenny and Irving arrive with news of his recent cleansing of evil by Henry’s demise.

With the group reunited, Abbie informs them of what Grace told her, and how the greatest battles are yet to come.  After such a thrilling and well put together adventure, one can only hope we get to see all of what is to come.