I know what you are going to say. We’re not at the next NOW! relaunch and we have a new X-Men title being released? It’s half way through the current set of issues and we’re launching another title, how can this be happening? To top of off the new Amazing X-Men team is another team that features Wolverine. How can this work? How can this be right?


I doubt a single follower of the X-Men franchise can be surprised at the return of any character (aside from possibly the original Jean Grey but even that is probably inevitable to happen.) Nightcrawler is one of the characters whose death not only shocked the mutant universe but it has had an ongoing effect on the friends he has had throughout the years.

Yes currently the entire mutant universe is in upheaval about Xavier. Yes Scott, and to a lesser extant Logan, will always be broken up about Jean Grey. However, every other mutant that has died hasn’t been that ongoing of a deal. Yet Nightcrawler has been. We’ve been teased about his return almost from his death with the bamfs and the constant reminders that he’s been gone.

From start to finish my only complaint is that the issue had to end and we have to wait for the next one. We open with Firestar joining the staff at Wolverine’s school. If I was to complain at all it’s how all of the teachers are acting as she enters which was a little bland. Otherwise it moved by quickly and almost immediately jumps to see Nightcrawler in a version of Heaven.

Yes. There is no wait or annoying build up or last panel tease of him – Nightcrawler is back right off the bat. Well, we’re see him and the X-Men haven’t caught back up with him quite yet. While he is lamenting about his life all of a sudden his little slice of heaven is attacked and it’s by minions of his father, an army of little red bamfs and Azazel himself in a full on demonic pirate outfit. The bonus is we also see Kurt return to his swashbuckling ways as he steals weapons from his father’s pirate minions.

It’s pure on fantastic. Back at the school we see the bamfs themselves making a mess of things as their purpose here is finally explained. They are building a portal! A portal to heaven that they end up getting Wolverine and Northstar through. The rest of the team isn’t able to make it, yet at least, as they are attacked by a batch of the red bamfs!

I’m sure the full team will get through next issue. Most likely Beast will fix things up and he, Iceman, Northstar, Firestar, Storm, Rachel Grey, Angel, and Warbird will get through to help out. This has the look and feel of the X-Men I’ve been wanting to read again. This is exactly what I needed after the flop that ‘Battle of the Atom’ was and will continue to drag the other titles down with the unfinished story lines.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ed McGuinness