Though ‘Star Wars’ fans are looking forward to this year’s D23 Expo to potentially learn more about J.J. Abrams’ ‘Episode VII’, over in Germany this weekend is the ‘Star Wars’ Celebration, a convention completely dedicated to the beloved Lucasfilm movie franchise. As some fans are preparing their travel arrangements and cosplay, one group of extremely dedicated and very industrious fans are preparing their half-scale replica of one of the most recognizable ships in the Empire’s fleet.

According to Obvious Winner, the German design team known as Project X1 Props has assembled a reproduction of Darth Vader’s personal TIE Fighter from the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. After putting over $20,000 and nearly 1,000 hours of work into it, the team is scheduled to publically unveil the ship and christen it during the ‘Star Wars’ Celebration in Messe Essen from July 26-28.

If you can’t make it over to Europe for the festivities, you can see pictures of the ship in it’s hangar in the gallery below:

Also, even though it’s in German, you can watch the proud team’s video showcasing their work, complete with standard issue Imperial attire and a cameo from Lord Vader himself (kinda):

How do you think the crew did in recreating Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1? What other starships do you think they could build in this size? Sound off in the comments.