One of the many films making waves at the Sundance Film Festival is ‘Red Lights’ from director Rodrigo Cortés. Cortés made a big splash there a couple years ago with his film ‘Buried’ which starred Ryan Reynolds (‘Green Lantern’) and Robert Paterson. Now he returns with a thriller about a pair of scientists who go around debunking psychics and may have finally met their match.

‘Red Lights’ stars Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Margaret Matheson who, with her assistant, Tom Buckley (played by Cillian Murphy), study metaphysical phenomena and visit psychics with the sole purpose of exposing them as frauds. When a renowned blind psychic named Simon Silver (played by Robert DeNiro) resurfaces after 30 years of seclusion, Tom begins to obsess with Silver determined to prove his psychic ability is a farce. With each new unexplainable event that occurs, Tom is drawn closer to Silver to the point that his views of the world are shaken to the core. Is this guy a real deal?

I like the plot of the film with scientists disproving claims from false psychics out to swindle unsuspecting people and even though it’s been done before, ‘Red Lights’ seems to have a different unconventional spin on it. Early word from those who saw the movie at the festival was mixed. Many did agree that the performances were excellent (was there any doubt with DeNiro AND Weaver in the film?) but the ending has been said to fall flat. Millennium Entertainment bought the distribution rights for the film but no word yet of a U.S. release date. Hopefully, the ending can be reworked before the film is released here.

Below is the new trailer for ‘Red Lights.’ What do you think of it so far?

‘Red Lights’ Movie Trailer:


Source: Collider