Back in the year 2000, Ultimate Comics was developed to adapt and update the Marvel heroes for a new generation. When that imprint began thirteen years ago, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley were there to usher in the new beginning. Now, they might just be the ones to bring the universe that they created to its knees.

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that a new series would be launching later this year called ‘Cataclysm’, which is described by as “The Ultimates Last Stand”.  Spinning out of the universe-shattering events of ‘Age of Ultron’, Galactus found himself in the Ultimates Universe. His adventure will be chronicled in the ‘Hunger’ limited series that began this week, but following that, he’ll encounter Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury, and the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales in this new event that could mean the end for this reality. Not only that, but the heroes of this universe will learn of the existence of the main Marvel timeline, so they’re left with the decision of whether or not to take on the Eater of Worlds or to send him back where he came from.

While the creators kept mum on if this does actually mean the end of the Ultimates line of comics, editor Mark Paniccia does promise one hell of a story:

“I can’t help but say some things will change forever—and they will—that there’s going to be tragedy and destruction and death, but big events beat those drums all the time and I also want to stress that this is going to be a very heroic story. There will be some inspiring moments, some sad moments and some moments where you won’t be able to help yourself but smile and be reminded of why comics are such a great experience. This is Bendis in top form.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has been looking for a way to end their Ultimates Universe for some time now due to low sales, so considering recent events in the Marvel Universe, there couldn’t be a better time than now. But even if this does spell the end for this universe, I doubt that Miles Morales will go away. I have a feeling that if this is it, Miles pops up in the 616 Universe in some way. Maybe he’ll team with the Superior Spider-Man in the same way that Kate Bishop has teamed with Clint Barton. Or maybe he’d fit in with the Young Avengers. Regardless of his role, I wouldn’t doubt that he’d live on in some form if ‘Cataclysm’ means the discontinuation of the Ultimate Comics imprint.

What do you think about ‘Cataclysm’? Do you think that this is the end of Ultimate Comics? How do you think Galactus will be dealt with? Share your thoughts in the comments below.