Horror movies are absolutely no stranger to reboots these days. I mean off the top of my head I can think of ‘Evil Dead‘, ‘Carrie‘, ‘Terminator‘, and ‘Poltergeist‘. It’s so bad that it even goes into non-horror when you think of ‘Robocop‘, ‘The Crow’, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, and the ‘Fantastic Four’.

I guess why think of making something new when you can just run with something that has worked in the past, right?

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all remakes that come out are bad. Take ‘Dredd‘ for interest which has a petition for a sequel based off of the reboot.

That being said I’m just not sure why ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is receiving the reboot treatment. The movie itself wasn’t bad. In fact, it was clever in some ways and enjoyable in others. It even had Ashton Kutcher in his first horror/sci-fi role and he absolutely nailed the part.

On the flip side, the film also spawned 2 quite boring and painful to watch direct to DVD sequels which, if you’ve seen them, will really make you question this decision. If you are considering watching them I would implore you not to. They were so painful to watch, I think I’m getting a headache just remembering them. Yet here we are, not even 10 years after the original movie was released, talking about the franchise being restarted.

While I said above it wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t great. There’s no allure to the film that makes anyone I know want to go back and re-watch the original, let alone see a new take on it.

What’s really strange about this one is who will be doing the new take on the movie. It’s going to have the same producers: AJ Dix (‘The Rum Diary’), Anthony Rhulen (‘Lucky Number Slevin’), Chris Bender (‘The Hangover’, ‘I Am Number Four‘) and JC Spink (‘The Hangover’, ‘Kyle XY’). Not only is the production team the same but it will also share the same writer and director of the original film: Eric Bress (‘The Final Destination’).

And just in case you need a refresher, here’s the synopsis from the original movie:

A young man struggling to access sublimated childhood memories finds a technique that allows him to travel back to the past. Occupying his childhood body, he is able to change history. But every change he makes has unexpected consequences.

I don’t know about you but with the same people involved, that doesn’t sound like it’s too new of a take to me. I implore you, remember what happened to ‘Star Wars’ when George Lucas wouldn’t leave his creation to be out there and had to go back and keep editing it?

Do you have any interest in seeing a new release of this movie by the same creators of the original? If so, I’m usually pretty open here. Try to sell me in the comments as I’d love to hear some valid reasons on why this is a good idea.

Source: Den of Geek.