Well with Cable and X-Force #10 closing with Cable being captured and a lot of other things going on. it was iffy where this issue would start. Surprisingly, it starts right where the last one ends!  You have to remember each of Cable’s crew was split up to track down their own problems as he was in no shape to do it all.

This issue focusses on Boom Boom and Domino. Their mission? There is a teenager in the hospital in a coma. If they don’t get him out of there and somewhere safe, there are going to be huge problems. When he wakes up, he’s going to liquefy everything under him and if that happens at the hospital, it will toss up a full range of complications for the mutant race. Boom and Dom have some great banter and go back and forth the entire issue.

They go through a huge laid out plan by Domino to get away which appears to be working great. That is, until Boom Boom shows that she’s been improvising her part of it the entire time and has thrown everything apart. As they are making what should be a clean get away across the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s completely backed up. Why? Because a certain mutant was causing explosions and they had to shut it down to get away.


Well, still they need to eradicate the thought of there being a threat by a mutant menace. Tto prevent the mass loss of human life Boom Boom does the one thing she does best.

She improvises.

She claims to be Doctor Madame McSplode and starts attacking abandoned cars to get the rest of the citizens to get the hell out of there! They clear the bridge just in time as their young charge wakes up and the bridge turns to water. As they end up in the water below, Domino has one of her backup plans kick in and they escape to safety.

What has Domino learned from all of this? Maybe she should be following Boom Boom’s lead and let her heart be reckless with Colossus.

The ending scene shows Blaquesmithe trying to show Hope why he did what he did. He transferred them both into the future and they are quickly attacked by some variant of Warlock. Right as it’s about to take down Hope! It was, however, stopped by someone with a pretty wicked sword. Pan back and we see who stopped the attack. It’s Lady Stryfe! (Or a poorly drawn version of the actual Stryfe. Sure he’s dead but since time travel is involved anything is possible!)

As we’re seeing a female Stryfe I’ve got a guess. It’s Future Hope or Clone Hope. Though I have no idea why she would wear armor in the look of a man who consistently tried to eliminate her father from the timeline.

My favorite issue of the series to date. A lot of hints on what Hope is going to be up to, an introduction to another version of Stryfe, and finally a great pair up of characters!


Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Salvador Larroca