The leading role for Ronald D. Moore’s ‘Helix’ has been decided upon! Billy Campbell has officially joined the cast to take the lead role of Dr. Alan Farragut, an emotionally troubled Centers for Disease Control pathologist whose marriage has recently fallen apart after his wife had an affair with his brother”, and it’s a role he will likely be able to play perfectly! While science fiction fans will most likely remember his role from ‘The 4400’, Campbell has graced the screen in ‘The Rocketeer’, ‘Eureka‘,’ Star Trek: TNG‘ and a multitude of non-science fiction shows as well!

I must say that each Helix teaser and Helix trailer has had my interest. While we haven’t seen actual character interaction yet, I love a good outbreak film and a series based on it could have a lot of potential. I have my reservations though.

We will have to wait until January 2014 to start seeing SyFy’s take on a show that deals with infection, though there should be a lot more details leaking out at the Comic-Con panel. The panel itself will be running between 11:45am and 12:45pm PST later today and should hopefully be giving us quite a few details on the show. A full hour of goodies to infect the unsuspecting viewers of the panel! All we’ve been promised is an inside look at the show, but with a full hour to kill, I’m suspecting more plot details and clips to be being released!

As a fan of most of Moore’s work (such as ‘ST: TNG’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’),  I’m hopeful for this show to be good. I lso hope that they are able to give us an idea on how this will be a show that can survive over multiple seasons. Dealing with a single virus in the Arctic can only go so far. I know an overall plan has to exist that will make the show be long lasting. While I don’t know what it is, I want to know!

To tease us before the panel is held, Syfy released 2 new teaser clips for you below. After watching, let us know if you’re excited about Helix or if you share the same concerns that I do and if you trust Ronald D. Moore’s vision?

Helix is an intense thriller about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak, only to find themselves pulled into a terrifying life-and-death struggle that holds the key to mankind’s salvation or total annihilation.


Source: Blastr