The success of ‘TRON: Legacy’ immediately sparked an announcement for a sequel and after that? We really haven’t heard much. There was some brief news about a TRON 3 script update a few months back but nothing solid. Around the same time, it was announced that the 1979 Disney property ‘The Black Hole’ was also going to be updated. Again, no real word on that happening since then. Thanks to an interview with ET Online during ‘Oblivion’s’ Blu-Ray release press junket, Joseph Kosinski gave updated information on both!

So what did he have to say about the two films? Well first up, he had some word on the writers who are working on the scripts:

Both projects are being written right now by two really talented writers: Jon Spaihts is writing ‘The Black Hole’ and Jesse Wigutow (‘Peter and the Starcatchers‘) is writing ‘TRON 3’. “Both scripts are in progress,” says Kosinski. “I’m really excited about both. The fundamental ideas of both are really interesting.”

So in charge of ‘The Black Hole’ we see Jon Spaihts who has four films under his credit. 2 of them aren’t done yet (one being a reboot of ‘The Mummy‘ and the other being a Keanu Reeves film known as ‘The Passengers’. Of the two released, one was ‘The Darkest Hour‘ which is an alien film I’ve never heard of and the other is going to give quite a few of you pause as it goes by the name ‘Prometheus‘. I’ll let you decide how to take that.

In ‘TRON 3’s’ corner, we have Jesse Wigutow. Jesse’s work I don’t recognize at all aside from working on an earlier screenplay for the upcoming The Crow movie. How much of that will translate to the final film though is unknown. While not being familiar with his work doesn’t mean it’s a cause for concern, it is something to keep in mind.

So what is the plan for ‘TRON 3’? According to Kosinski,  “the TRON sequel kind of takes where we left off with Legacy, that idea presented in the last few minutes of the film, and really expands on it in a real exciting way.”

Does that signal the return of Quorra in the sequel? As of three months ago Olivia Wilde sounded excited about being in a third TRON film. So ideally that means we’re going to see her grace the third film and be out there in the real world. I’m curious as to what direction that is going to end up going.

Back to ‘The Black Hole’, it was up in the air if the movie was going to be a remake, reboot, or sequel (the last being doubtful as so few movie goers will have seen the original). “I guess I would call it a reboot because the fundamental concept is there,” says Kosinski, “but we are taking it in our own direction.”

I’m excited about this one. The original film was a bit of a remake of ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ except it took place in space. Considering we don’t get enough space odysseys these days, I’m curious as to where this one may end up, although I’m a little worried on the pacing.

What about you? Excited on either ‘The Black Hole’ or ‘TRON 3’? Why or why not? Sound off below!