When I first heard that Jose Padilha was making ‘Robocop,’ I’m pretty sure that many of you did the same thing that I did – groaned. It seemed to be the height of the reboot mania mixed in with the fact that I had absolutely no idea who Jose Padilha was. Also, how are you going to take such an iconic character such as Robocop and make him more interesting and give him something new to draw in new potential fans?

So time passed and we were able to see leaked Robocop shots and get an idea on how Robocop was going to look in the upcoming film. I won’t lie. I got a little interested. Science Fiction meets ‘Robocop’ meets ‘Judge Dredd’ was all I could think and I wanted to see more! While it was a strong departure from the original look, the full on body armor used here had a look I could get behind, so I cautiously started pulling back my reservations of the movie.

When I found out the cast consisted of Joel Kinnaman (‘The Killing’) playing Robocop, Gary Oldman (‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy), Samuel L. Jackson (‘The Avengers’), Michael Keaton (the other Batman), Abbie Cornish (‘Sucker Punch’), Aimee Garcia (‘Dexter’), Michael Kenneth Williams (‘The Wire’) and Jackie Earle Haley(‘Watchmen’) well the geek in me rejoiced. This is a very solid cast of actors with some great work in their pasts to draw upon. Okay, fine Mr. Padilha, I’m now officially interested in the movie that you’re putting together.

With the amazing new visual styles pictured in the gallery below and a set of actors I’d love to see work together on anything, let alone a science fiction franchise, I’m officially excited to see what ends up on the big screen!

Are you sold on the new look of Robocop and are looking forward to it’s February 7th, 2014 release date? Does the cast help make up for any of your doubts?


Source: Collider