The last few issues of Iron Man were all about Tony Stark being held responsible for the death of the Phoenix by a race known as the Voldi. The Voldi end up pitting Death’s Head against Tony Stark in man-to-man combat which was a fun diversion while an ancient android used the entire event as a cover to steal an artifact from them that doomed the entire race to the wrath of the Celestials.

Tony Stark does not like being used.

He spends the early portion of the issue answering one question I had from the previous one. He finds Death’s Head who didn’t die by the hands of the Celestials. As Death’s Head is a businessman, he lets Stark buy his services into helping him track down the creature that killed off the Voldi to help bring him to justice either by catching him or if necessarily killing him.

Again, Tony Stark does NOT like being used.

The next half of the issue focuses on Death’s Head helping track down this Android which leads to some great lines between him and Stark. When Tony questions the stealth technology to prevent from their arrival being detected the answer is that it kept Death’s Head alive from the Celestials. When he asked where the technology came from the answer was simply it was better to not ask such questions.

I’m SO glad we keep seeing Death’s Head continue to pop up. While I’m not sure if this will be a long term trend with how the story ended I did enjoy it while it lasted. So how does it end?

Iron Man and Death’s Head have now tracked down the Android and are preparing to ambush him as he comes down a hall. The Android passes through the room and suddenly Tony’s armor, P.E.P.P.E.R, turns itself immobile and Death’s Head takes his bounty for delivering the prize – Iron Man. Yep, Tony was being played all along and is now captured and in the hands of the person he was willing to kill. Not only that but his own armor apologized to him as it is now working against him.

Tony Stark is not only used but betrayed and abused.

Things aren’t what they seem though. While this mad creature clearly has it’s own intentions in mind it seems to have a plan for Tony. Not only does it have a plan for Tony now but it’s been quite a long term plan as he puts on a roll of 8mm film to prove his point which displays a picture of.. Tony’s father? Yes apparently Howard Stark was somehow involved in what was happening but that’s not the only interesting part to this. As the camera pans out Howard is standing next to the Android

What does this mean for Tony Stark? We’ll find out next issue as we start to learn the actual Secret Origins of Tony Stark.

While I’m enjoying it ‘so far’ this is either going to be an absolutely fantastic storyline or turn me off the Iron Man franchise until they retcon or forget that it ever happened.

Whatever it means… Tony Stark is going to get used in this one.

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Dale Eaglesham