X-Men Legacy has taken a complete change from where the comic left off after the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Currently the focus is on Charles Xavier’s son, Legion, who is quite possibly the most powerful mutant that has been born. At the very least he ranks up there when he’s able to control his powers. The new take on Legacy is all about focusing on Legion, his struggle learning to re-control his powers, and his view on how life should be lived to fill what he sees as Charles Xavier’s legacy. On top of all of that there is a new personality living in his psyche that can almost take over at will and boss his other personalities around.

I want to state right here something I have yet to say in any of the Legacy reviews that I’ve done. I have never been a fan of Legion and I fell that he was either underused or used wrong, but never fully fleshed out.

This current run of X-Men Legacy has completely changed my view on the character. I’ve gone from having no interest in him to wondering what is going to happen next, what he’s going to do, and how he is going to factor into the rest of the Marvel Universe when this series comes to a close. That’s assuming he lives through it all.

This issue we have Blindfold spying on Legion as he sleeps with the use of Cerebro to remain undetected. We fade from here into the dream state of Legion’s mind. As always it’s a surreal landscape in the madness of his mind.

He’s there though for a particular reason. He wants to meet the man who is wearing the face of his father. The personality that can control all of his personalities for him. He is desperately in need to use his precognitive personality and is willing to make a deal with the devil to do so. He promises to give this unknown persona access to his body for a few minutes with no argument or resistance in exchange for his precognitive abilities.

As he starts using this power, Blindfold notices her brother’s book that tells the future is next to Legion on the bed and she gets pissed off. We see through his eyes that he was just confirming what he’s read. The end of the world and mutant kind is coming and it’s all his fault. The only two outcomes will be Blindfold killing him to stop it or, Legion killing Blindfold and having the dreadful events happen.

Both of these choices are all he can see and neither one is a future he’s willing to let happen. As she is still not noticeable while using Cerebro, Legion stands and teleports out in front of her.

Where does he go? Legion ends up at the Anti-mutant group who gave pills to the crazy anti-mutant church from X-Men Legacy #7. These are the pills that remove the ability to use mutant powers. Blindfold finds him here right as he says he wants to take the pills himself. Powerless he won’t be able to create this future that he so desperately wants to avoid.

While I don’t think that he will end up taking them I’m curious as to how and why he stops. Will it be something Blindfold says or does? Will this all be a setup to take down the mutant haters? Will this be when his new person exerts control over his body?

From going to a group comic to a focus on one primary character who I’ve never previously enjoyed I give full hats off to Simon Spurrier for creating a book I can’t help but fly through. Once it’s done I then regret reading it so quick as I’m dying to read the next issue!

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Paul Davidson