After reading ‘Dollhouse Epitaphs’ #2, I realized something; I think because I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, I am able to enjoy this book. Having watched the show has given me everything I need to understand the backstory and the gravity of the situation at hand, but by attacking this book free of judgement of the source material has helped me really appreciate the story Andrew Chambliss is telling.

As Alpha, Trevor, and three dolls imprinted with the personality of Ivy, a former Rossum technician, begin their harrowing journey to find and help Echo (their only hope to destroy the viral technology), survivors Mag, Zone, and Griff band together in a fight against both the new world order and themselves.

I like how the imprinted are classified as “Butchers” and “Wielders”. While the mindless “Butchers” are a problem due to their savage nature, the “Wielders” are where the real problems lie. They have the portable tech to imprint any normal person they come across. Of course after this issue, that’s not the scariest way to get imprinted.

We finally see Directive Three in action, the all new world of “Dolls” have turned your favorite Top 40 radio station into an all new way to make imprints. How scary is that? You are walking down the street, a radio kicks on and… BANG! You’re a “Butcher” or “Wielder”.

As much as I enjoyed this book, I could have done without the Mag, Zone and Griff part of the story. I understand why it is there, and I’m sure we will see more, but for this book it took away from the Alpha and his team.

Speaking of Alpha and his team… how cool is Trevor? He’s a smart kid, I loved his trick to keep from being imprinted. Who would think to remove his hearing when going into battle (well, Andrew Chambliss for one)? Trevor is going to be very important to this story. He may even be the one to save us all.

Now, this issue wasn’t all kisses and puppy dog tails. Do not forget for a very long time in the Dollhouseverse, Alpha was the villain of the tale. So when he is the victim of a surprise imprint, he begins to unravel. In Epitaphs, Alpha is a perfectly balanced eco-system of crazy keeping the evil at bay. So when he has to deal with being imprinted with Directive Four, nothing good can come of it. Just ask one of the Ivy’s… perhaps the one he ginsued?

If you are a fan of ‘Dollhouse’, Joss Whedon or just good storytelling pick up ‘Dollhouse Epitaphs’ #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Oh, and in case you are wondering, Directive Four… Kill Echo. So check back next month as newly re-crazied Alpha’s hunt for Echo is on!