After acquiring an all-star producer in the form of ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’ director Matthew Vaughn and getting the script polished by ‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ writer Seth Grahame-Smith, Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot is starting to look at a few potential actors to join the film.

First, ‘Girls’ star Allison Williams has been said to be on the radar of Trank and company for the role of Sue Storm AKA The Invisible Woman. Deadline reports that casting is in a very early stage at the moment, but the relatively green actress is in the conversation about the role once held by Jessica Alba. For someone just starting out in features, a Marvel superhero film isn’t such a bad place to start for young Williams. While I’m having trouble picturing her sporting Sue’s golden locks at the moment, I’m sure that if she lands the role, then Marnie Michaels wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

The next role that is being talked about is that of the Human Torch, which was the mantle held by Chris Evans before he traded in the flames for the more star-spangled look of Captain America. According to The Wrap, the director is looking at Michael B. Jordan to fill the shoes of Johnny Storm in the reboot. The pair previously worked together on ‘Chronicle’, which really put both of them on the map in Hollywood, but there’s already a ton of chatter online about this far from official choice.

Most people are up in arms about the casting of an African-American actor playing a traditionally Caucasian character. I don’t find so much trouble with that because it worked out fine with Nick Fury in ‘The Avengers’, Kingpin in ‘Daredevil’, and Electro in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, but I’m more concerned about what it does to the character. If Jordan does land the role, then the origins of the wisecracking, womanizing member of the team would have to change considerably. Johnny and Sue are supposed to be brother and sister. If Allison Williams were cast as Sue, then how would that work?

Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit when I said “change considerably” because it’s possible that they could be stepsiblings or that Johnny was adopted and everything would be fine, but I’m still not sure how I’d feel about it. Jordan seems like more of a serious dramatic actor rather than a goofy playboy based on his role in ‘Chronicle’ and the Sundance favorite ‘Fruitvale Station’. I’m all in favor of actors of color getting more high-profile roles in films, but when a person doesn’t seem right for the role, then they just don’t feel right for the role. Now Donald Glover as Spider-Man on the other hand…

Anyway, these names are likely far from the only ones to be brought up for these roles in the new ‘Fantastic Four’ movie. But if they did stick, how would you feel about Allison Williams as the Invisible Woman and Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch? Sound off in the usual place.

‘Fantastic Four’ will open in theaters on March 6, 2015.