Marvel Comics just wrapped another live blog. This time, the guests were comic creators Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, who worked together on ‘Hulk’ in 2008, as they announced their new project and Marvel’s ‘Next Big Thing’ for 2012. They are currently working on a 4-issue mini-series titled ‘Avengers: X-Sanction’.

‘Avenger: X-Sanction’ features the return of fan-favorite Cable as he blasts back into the Marvel Universe in search of his daughter Hope. The series was teased at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con as ‘Cable Reborn’ and the first issue will release this December. According to Marvel, the series sets the stage for everything that is to come throughout 2012.

Here are a few highlight quotes from the Marvel team to whet your appetite:

“How Cable survived Second Coming and what his responsibility is to his daughter, Hope, may have something to do with the Avengers.” -Jeph Loeb

“This story puts Cable in a situation where he’s surrounded by and dealing with characters he doesn’t normally. It’s not just another story with Cable and the X-Men.” -Tom Brevoort

“The idea of Cable as a man out to protect his daughter by any means necessary gives the character an emotional heft and underlines everything he does. It’s richly fulfilling.” -Tom Brevoort

“It’s awesome to be able to draw some of this stuff. Interactions I never thought would happen.” -Ed McGuinness

“Hope is in danger in some way, so Cable’s reason for coming back stems from that.” -Strommy

“This is a man who has a daughter and a need to protect her. That’s really all you need to know.” -Jeph Loeb on readers unfamiliar with Cable picking up this series

“Cable is not quite as dark as The Punisher, but I think a reason he has resonated and stayed around as long as he has is that he’s a total bad ass who believes the ends justify the means.” -Jeph Loeb

“Cable is not a robot. The metal in his body is actually organic tissue. Ed and I have talked about this a lot. We liken it to a cancer that changes your body’s cellular structure. Last time we saw him, his arm had been severed. It’s back with a kind of force that will play a major role in this storyline. This is a battle inside Cable’s body that he has waged since the first time he appeared.” -Jeph Loeb

“The art on this book is much darker. The whole tone is. It’s been fun coming at it from that angle, playing with light and shadow, creating mood.” -Ed McGuinness

“Cable knows he’s coming to battle the Avengers, so he comes loaded for bear, with the specific gear he needs.” -Tom Brevoort

“I have yet to find a gun too big for Cable.” -Ed McGuinness

“This is pretty much a solo mission, but there are some twists along the way that even Cable didn’t plan on.” -Jeph Loeb on the possibility of Cable getting help from Deadpool or others

“As we’ve said, it’s not a coincidence that Fear Itself, Schism, and other big stories end at the same time. This is the first brick in the next road.” -Tom Brevoort

Are you excited to see the gun-toting mutant return to the Marvel Universe? Do you X-fans want to fathom any guesses as to what’s happened to Cable’s daughter? Either way, Cable’s never been one for subtlety so I expect he’s going to come in with a bang.

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