As a general rule, no one stays dead in comics except Batman’s parents and Uncle Ben Parker. Because of that, many characters come in and out of the realm of the living as if the Underworld had a revolving door. At C2E2, Marvel announced that the latest character being reintroduced to their universe would be their very own version of Superman that we haven’t seen since ‘Siege’.

According to Comic Book Movie, ‘Uncanny Avengers’ writer Rick Remender revealed that the Sentry would come back to life alongside Grim Reaper, Daken, and Banshee as the new Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Since the start of his run on this new flagship book of the Marvel NOW era, Remender has been expanding on the mythology of Apocalypse by having Kang the Conqueror completely rearrange things. Now, it appears that one result of the time-traveler’s agenda will be the return of some very important people from the lives of the Avengers Unity Division.

Here’s what the writer has to say about the resurrections:

“We’re trying to grow the Apocalypse mythology. Uncanny Avengers is the big world-shaking threats. The Apocalypse Twins, the children of Warren Worthington and Pestilence, grown up in the future, raised by Kang, and they’re doing things differently.

They have taken 4 death seeds from 4 celestials, and they are tough characters. You have the Sentry, you’ll have a big Sentry – Thor rematch. We have Grim Reaper vs. Rogue. We have Daken vs. Wolverine. We have Banshee vs. Alex Summers. There’s probably bad blood between Daken and his dad, since he drowned him in a puddle.”

When we last saw Bob Reynolds and his power of one million exploding suns, he was going head to head with the God of Thunder during Norman Osborn’s siege of Asgard. The Golden Guardian of Good was fighting with the Dark Avengers against Thor and his compatriots in defense of the massive floating kingdom above Broxton, Oklahoma. In a heated battle with Sentry’s possessed form known as The Void, Odinson ended things by blasting his former teammate and friend with a bolt of lightning, ending the threat of the Void and Norman Osborn while reluctantly murdering a good man.

As for the other Horsemen, Grim Reaper met his fate in the pages of ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #5 when Rogue borrowed some of Wonder Man’s powers to deal with the villain at the team’s first press conference, but underestimated just how powerful her teammate’s powers made her.  Just like Remender pointed out, Daken died at the hands of his father Wolverine while they worked out some long-standing issues. Finally, Banshee was a close friend of Havok’s before he passed away while he attempted to save a plane full of innocent civilians. All four of the Apocalypse Twins’ Horsemen are strongly tied to the Uncanny Avengers, so it’ll make things that much harder for the team when it comes time for them to deal with this new threat.

No word yet on how soon we’ll see the Sentry and the others in the pages of ‘Uncanny Avengers’ yet, but those of us who read the title can see how this is likely to come about sooner rather than later. My guess is that this will go down some time in the summer.

What do you think of Rick Remender’s new Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Are you excited to see Sentry, Daken, Banshee, and Grim Reaper return in ‘Uncanny Avengers’? Let us know in the usual spot.