Netflix apparently has a hit on their hands with their new series ‘Hemlock Grove.’ According to the company, the series had more viewers than the acclaimed ‘House of Cards’ in the month of February. Whether you loved ‘Hemlock Grove’ or hated it (and from what’s been seen, the opinion is quite varied), one thing everyone agreed is that the werewolf transformation is a sight to behold.

A 3 minute featurette entitled ‘It Hurts So Good’ has been released and it focuses on how that transformation was executed. It’s a great little video at the special effects created to achieve this scene and you also get a more up close look at Landon Liboiron’s transformation.

‘Hemlock Grove’ centers on the murder of 17 year old Brooke Bluebell. During the investigation surrounding her death, the peculiarities of the townspeople of Hemlock Grove is revealed and draws back the curtain surrounding the town showing that all is not what it seems.

The full series is available to watch on Netflix now. Let us know what you think of the series and the werewolf transformation in the comments below!