Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer screen shot
Sony/Columbia Pictures

The international trailer for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is here and it contains a different ending to that in the US version which dropped earlier this week.  In both versions, the kids are shown firing their Proton Packs, but the new clip offers a glimpse of them testing them out.

You can watch this alternate cut below:

For comparison, you can watch the US cut here.

As you can see, the Internation trailer omits the story element about the daily quakes plaguing Summerville.


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Reaction to the American trailer has been mixed online, with some expressing delight at this passing of the torch flick.  Others are put off by the fact that this looks like a theatrical version of ‘Stranger Things’.  Maybe Jason Reitman and company shouldn’t have cast Finn Wolfhard if they wanted to avoid that.  Others poo-poo the lack of humor.  After all, the original ‘Ghostbusters’ was, at its core, a high-concept comedy, starring notable alumni of ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray) and ‘SCTV’ (Harold Ramis).

From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan.

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ stars Carrie Coon as single mother Callie, while Mckenna Grace plays her “science obsessed” daughter, Phoebe, with Finn Wolfhard as her “gearhead” son, Trevor.  “They have left everything they know and moved to a small town in Oklahoma after inheriting property from the father she didn’t know.”  Paul Rudd co-stars as Mr. Grooberson, a seismologist and part-time summer school teacher, who is investigating some mysterious seismic activity in the small town.  He also happens to be a Ghostbusters superfan, having been a kid in New York when the events of the original movie took place.

The film also features Oliver Cooper, Sydney Mae Diaz, Marlon Kazadi, Logan Kim, Celeste O’Connor, and Bokeem Woodbine.

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ will haunt theaters on July 10, 2020.