If you are it looks like Disney is ready to make your wishes come true! Disney was just at CinemaCon in Las Vegas yesterday and appear to have decided that the best way to spread the Imperial and Republic War throughout the galaxy is to have a movie come out every summer starting in 2015.

Now before you try to wonder about the logistics nightmare of a new ‘Star Wars’ film every year, this isn’t just going to be the episodic films of feature past. In case you missed the news, back in February you might wonder what we’ll be seeing in between the larger productions? Well we’re going to see a slew of stand alone ‘Star Wars’ films about specific characters within the Star Wars universe.

There are no solid facts on who we’ll be seeing them of but a few previous rumors hinted at Yoda, Boba Fett and a young Han Solo. Each of these films make complete sense as Yoda could be a Muppet or CGI extremely easily. We could also follow Fett around becoming a famous bounty hunter in full uniform, and a young Han Solo would just mean a quick casting of someone who can pull off Ford’s swagger. (Let’s have our April Fools Day post be true and actually cast Nathan Fillion, please!) While Disney has denied rumors of the Boba Fett and Han Solo films that doesn’t mean they aren’t what we’ll end up seeing on screen.

Some may argue that a new ‘Star Wars’ movie every year may be overkill. I would argue that Marvel has shown you have plenty of opportunities to have multiple movies in a single year successfully and one every other year just isn’t too much if done right. There are a ton of characters both from the original films that could be expanded on as well as those that will be introduced in the new series that they can have us follow.

I for one think if done right a movie a year isn’t too much. What do you think? Are we about to hit ‘Star Wars’ overload or did Disney just grant your wishes of a ton of new (non-Lucas touched) Star Wars? What if there is a Star Wars TV Show in the mix as well?