One of the best superhero shows that has aired on television had to be NBC’s ‘Heroes’. The series aired from 2006-2010 and after a critically acclaimed first season, the show developed some behind the scenes complications (such as a writer’s strike during the middle of season 2) and ended its run with a rather forgetful and low rated season 4 finale, making fans wish the show had another season to at least try and redeem itself. Well, the wishes have been heard and it looks like ‘Heroes’ may see a revival on Xbox.

According to TVLine, MSN is looking into original programming just like Netflix and Amazon, but their programs will be distributed via the game console. One of their first projects is a re-launch of the series ‘Heroes.’ Talks of this revival is still in the preliminary stages, but if the project does move forward, MSN would continue to keep the show within the original ‘Heroes’ universe but use different characters. Those characters seen while the show was on NBC would not be forgotten as it’s hoped they would return in a cameo role.

This may seem like the best solution for all, as the people involved in the original series have all seem to move forward. Zachary Quinto will be returning in his 3 stint in ‘American Horror Story’ after finishing ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ Hayden Panettiere is starring in the series ‘Nashville’, Masi Oka is currently co-starring in ‘Hawaii 5-0,’ ‘Heroes’ creator Tim Kring is now the EP and writer for ‘Touch,’ and Bryan Fuller has his hands full as the showrunner for ‘Hannibal.’

Whether this will be a reboot of sorts or if MSN will continue where the series’ finale left off and begin with a season 5 is still unknown, but the thought of ‘Heroes’ returning and hopefully get back to its season one glory is encouraging.

What do you think? Would you like to see the return of ‘Heroes?’