Stephenie Meyer’s new franchise hopeful, ‘The Host’, will open in theaters on Friday and if you missed the Live Google Hangout with the cast earlier today, not only do we have that for you to see but also the latest trailer for the film!

‘The Host’ centers on Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) who lives in a world taken over by a parasitic species called Souls. They are wiping out the human population by taking over the consciousness and erasing the personalities of the people they inhabit. Melanie is one of the last humans who is part of the resistance fighting against the aliens. Unfortunately, Melanie is captured and implanted by a Soul called Wanderer whose goal is to get her to give up the remaining humans on the planet, but instead, Wanderer faces strong opposition by Melanie’s consciousness.

While the film is based on Meyer’s novel, the screenplay was written by director Andrew Niccol. So if you’re wondering how closely the film follows the book, come back to where we’ll have not only a review of the film ‘The Host’, but also how it compares to the book, ‘The Host’.

Until then, check out the final trailer for the film as well as a replay of the Google Hangout with the cast below:

‘The Host’ – Trailer #4:

‘The Host’ LIVE Q&A: