Leading up to this weekend’s premiere of ‘Game of Thrones,’ increasingly action-packed trailers are hitting the Internets, whipping fans into a fury. This most recent trailer emphasises the girl power of conniving Melisandre and comeuppance-deserving Daenerys, and gives audiences the glimpse they’ve been hoping for of Daenerys’ dragons, who seem to have grown a bit since last season.

For a character who has had two relatively rough seasons, each with only a small ray of hope at the end, it’s nice to see Daenerys coming into her own as a formidable ruler, or at least one to be feared. This trailer also brings to light a theme that’s been a long time coming: the undercurrent of duality with the ice danger to the North and imminent fire headed across the sea to the majority of our characters. As for Melisandre, season 2 began with a bit of hope for this ambitious woman acting as one of the only people fighting for Stannis’ birthright to the Iron Throne, but it ended with little doubt left that her altruistic motives come from an evil place.

The most exciting part of the trailer is the dragons, which appear to have a much larger role in televised form than the almost fleeting mentions, in the early books, at least. It’s nice to see the type of budget a rabid and supportive fan base can drum up!

And just in case that wasn’t enough to tide your appetite until Sunday, here is a clip of Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion, from ‘The Jon Stewart Show’ with hilarious deadpanned banter that lets those who might not have known that the actor is just as badass as his character.

‘Game of Thrones’ airs on HBO Sunday nights.