logan james mangold

For anyone interested in seeing how James Mangold managed to tie all the right elements together in ‘Logan,’ just this week the director himself posted the entire one-hundred and twenty-six page script for the final Hugh Jackman-as-Wolverine film online, allowing fans to see the script for themselves. You can check out the Twitter posting where he shared the script below, with the simple caption of “The screenplay to LOGAN,” though be warned, the link on his post does not actually work, it only gives an ERROR message now, which fans were quick to point out in the comments, but you can still read the script by clicking here.

And if you are unsure if reading the entire thing is really worth your time, here’s an excerpt from the script, which does show off Mangold’s attention to detail and reveal that right from the beginning he knew exactly what words were required to really capture the perfect tone and feeling for ‘Logan’ :

“We move over the back bench, past empty bottles, fast food wrappers as A SLEEPING MAN’S FACE ratchets into frame. He opens his red eyes. The man is LOGAN aka The Wolverine or more accurately, Drunk Wolverine. He blinks, dazed, feeling the car lurching upward. Older than we’ve seen him, he clutches a Tequila bottle.”

The film is still being praised by fans and critics alike, just recently willing a nomination at the Critic’s Choice Awards, which most would agree is well-deserved, not only for the writing but also for the stellar performances from both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. That’s high praise indeed for a “comic-book movie,” especially one based off a series named “Old Man Logan” that, while cool, did not really have the depth that the film did, and was really more of a “what if” type of story that showed a potential future for the Marvel Universe. ‘Logan proves that Mangold’s efforts really transformed this story into something special. Check out the script for yourself and feel free to share your favorite moments in the comments below!