Season three of Being Human is quickly coming to an end, and while this week’s helping “If I Only Had A Raw” brain doesn’t exactly catapult things forward, it does carve out what I expect to be a hell of a final confrontation.

Aidan and Josh are having a bit of a heated exchange regarding Pete’s involuntary status as a vampire happy meal. Josh is upset that Aidan told Blake about the cure and the vampire defends himself, though Josh is convinced Aidan has taken the vampires’ side. A bit out of sorts after Josh’s accusations, Aidan comes to find bubble boy Kenny packing his things, ready to get out of his germ free prison. It seems they’ve found a bone marrow donor for him, a prospect he has no interest in trying. Despite Aidan’s attempts to convince him otherwise, Kenny’s determined to leave, with or without his vampire friend’s help. Aidan finally relents, promising to turn Kenny per their deal. After some running fun in the park, Kenny asks to spend one day as a teen, to experience all the things he’s never been able to do. The soon to be master/child walk away, unaware of a mysterious figure eagerly watching them.

Josh and Nora meet Kenny, their new wayward teen of a roomie

After Nora and Josh lock Sally in her room—the hunger is getting to be too much—Aidan brings the new surprise guest to the house. When he tells them about his plan, Nora ends up being the voice of reason, saying they should use their curse to help where they can. Her words spark Josh to action and he leads his fiancée and rotting corpse best friend on a mission to kill Donna. It’s a great plan…except maybe for the fact that Donna’s Lair (aka Food Kitchen) is not where they left it.While Sally’s visiting her love, Max the Mortician, and feasting on corpses, fun is about to be had for Josh. Nora has invited his sister Emily to town and she takes her brother, Kenny, and a slightly reluctant Aidan to the strip club. Kenny’s having a great time with Emily at his side while Josh continues pestering Aidan on the decision to turn him. Emily interrupts the boys’ tiff and orders her brother to get a lap dance. Of course Josh has all the luck in the world and said lap dance is at the time of a vampire very hungry for some werewolf blood. Aidan stakes the vampire stripper good and proper but Emily sees it all and even Josh’s explanation isn’t enough to get her on board.

When they get back home, Kenny’s starting to get a bit of the cold feet, worried about his fate and potential to be dusted. Aidan promises to be there for him and begins the process. As Kenny’s hibernating body rests in the basement, Josh and Aidan bond with Aidan offering the best line of the show when he tells Josh “Curse or no curse, we can still choose who we want to be.”

I got snacked on by a zombie-ish hottie and all I got was this lousy bandage

A bit later a hyped Aidan offers to help Sally in her plight; she needs to see Illana—the seer her murderous ex hired to exorcise her ghostly self from the house—but is looking quite bad. Aidan offers up a literal pound of flesh for her to feast on. It works and she goes to see Illana. They discuss the strategy Sally will need to go against Donna and take the witch’s power: she needs to resolve any issues in this life and go on the attack to take the power from Donna. She gives Sally a Latin book that will help her through what she needs to do before Sally goes to see Max once again. She lets him know everything, knowing she needs to eject any unresolved feelings/motivations before taking the next step.Feeling the wrath of Sally’s blunt teeth, Aidan makes his way to the hospital only to be accosted by the hooded stranger. Only Aidan’s injuries make this more than the beat down it would have normally been and just as he stakes his attacker, the creature speaks and Aidan recognizes it as Jeff, Kat’s ex. He can only stare down at Kenny, hoping against hope the same thing doesn’t happen to his newest charge.

Speaking of charge, it looks like Donna’s recovery of Ray’s body earlier this season finally pays dividends when the former werewolf snaps Illana’s neck after questioning her on what she told Sally. “You chose the wrong side, lady,” he tells her corpse as he stiffly walks away.

Again, “If Only I…” was not the most explosive of episodes but it did offer a potential new ally in Kenny, a now dead Illana, and the return of Ray as some type of supernaturally controlled automaton at Donna’s command. Sally’s near the point of no return as her body continues to break down and she prepares herself for the challenge of fighting a beast of a witchy warrior. There are only two more Mondays in store for us but methinks the final two installments will have business, in the words of JR Ross, about to pick up.