It’s been a long season filled with its fae share of loss and it all comes to a head in this week’s gut-wrenching season finale. As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

We open with Bo and Rainer arguing in a darkened parking lot. Daddy’s back and everyone’s on edge. Bo’s Mark is burning along with a thousand questions. Cue the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and we are off and running.

Rainer brings Bo to Trick’s and she is hurting pretty bad. Rainer and Trick really don’t like each other and barely seem to notice that Bo’s deadbeat dad is trying to pierce the veil, through Bo… the Dark Queen. Bo demands answers from Trick. Again. She wants all the cards on the table. Just what is it about her blood that makes her so ‘special?’

Cut to another ‘special’ someone, the bat sh*t crazy Massimo and his mouthy prisoner, Lauren. They are doing some late night grave digging. (Gotta give props to Lauren, the woman is not afraid to trade barbs with a God. A scary, insane, holding-all-the-cards-tied-you-to-a-fence God.) Massimo goes on and on about his mommy issues as the Origin Seed gives him some epic indigestion. Finally a plan takes shape. He’ll deliver Bo’s head to Evony.

Back at the bar Trick has a few answers. The identity of Bo’s father remains shrouded in mystery but we do get a recap of mom. The Blood King handed Eva over to the Dark where she was tortured for centuries. That explains her crazy. Bo has inherited the abilities of both mom and dad. She can feed to restore life to herself as well as restore life to others. Dad’s blood allows her to do this en masse. She can potentially raise the fallen on the battlefield, lift curses, lead armies, or enslave them. Massimo makes an appearance to let them all know he has Lauren and wants Bo dead. Just in case everyone was unclear.

Meanwhile Kenzi and Dyson are hanging out at the Morrigan’s place. Kenzi found Lauren’s research, some blood, and a pretty cool looking painting depicting Bo slaughtering an old-timey village. In walks Evony and Dyson quickly confirms she is human. A split second later Kenzi halls off and clocks her with a pretty wicked right hook. (I cheered a little. Kenzi wasn’t the only one who has waited a long time for that.) Dyson demands to know how she is suddenly human. Evony gives some exposition about Lauren and her miracle snatch. She tells them her son, Massimo took her, and she needs her alive.

Back at the Dal, Massimo kicks everyone’s ass. Trick wants a piece of the Druid once he realizes he swallowed the Seed but Rainer steps in. Right before Massimo snaps his neck, Rainer tells Trick to let the Valkyrie know his soul is hers again. The honeymoon is over. (My sympathies to those on team Rainubus.)

Bo wakes up at home with Tamsin looking over her. Trick is apparently tougher than he looks and brought her there. Hale, Rainer, maybe Lauren… the body count is rising and Bo begins to throw herself a pity party but Tamsin jumps right in and tells her, in no uncertain terms, she is the chosen one and she better start acting like it. One chi drain later and Bo is right as Rainer. (Oh what, too soon?) Dyson and Kenzi enter. There is an awkward off-screen reunion and then we find Tamsin and Kenzi talking on a couch. Kenzi is reading from an old book of prophecy. There is a cryptic passage about the daughter’s heart closing the portal. (I don’t like where this is going.)

Bo is readying for battle and chatting up Dyson. The plan is to get Lauren first, then kill Massimo. Bo feels to do that she needs to get back to being herself. She teares up the contract with Rainer, the one proclaiming her allegiance to the Dark Fae. Rainer is dead. The Una Mens are dead. Bo will be damned if a piece of paper is going to tell her who she is. Finally, Bo is back. Dyson pledges his fealty to Bo. It’s sweet and a little awkward as Dyson confesses his love for Bo as Tamsin walks in to inform them about the new info Kenzi just uncovered.

Back at the ranch Bo and Dyson walk up to the portal to the underworld. Horse heads, broken carousels, smoke… it’s either the worst or the greatest episode of ‘My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.’ Ever. Three world war era corpses walk out of the portal and Bo immediately drains their chi, granting her dominion over them. The Dark Queen is ascending and her army is growing. Bo is spouting all kinds of evil intentions as she closes on Dyson. She can’t control herself and begs Dyson to do something. So what’s a wolf to do? He kisses her and sleeping beauty wakes up.

At the Dal, Evony and Trick are having a chat. Evony and Trick both seem to know, or fear, who Bo’s father is. They talk a little prophecy and get ready for battle.

At the ranch Bo and Dyson have just dispatched those three hapless souls and Bo is feeling fabulous. She’s channeling daddy’s power through the portal. The plan is for Bo to go get Lauren while Dyson and Tamsin deal with the fallen warriors that keep coming out of the sin vat while keeping Kenzi close and safe.

As Bo readys herself for the battle, Tamsin and a very forlorn looking Kenzi enter. Bo and Kenzi share a long embrace and Bo is presented with a sword. Kenzi says, “You’re gonna be fine” and, after one subtext-riddled beat, turns and walks off. (I do NOT like where this is going.)

Lauren is chained in the Dark Archive and Massimo is chewing up all the scenery. Bo makes her appearance brandishing the sword. “A little prick to end a big prick.” More mother talk and a reminder that Massimo has absorbed all of the Una Mens power. He has foresight, the ability to deflect any Fae power, etc. He opens up his can of whoop-ass by taking a page out of Hale’s book and assaults Bo with sound.

Quick cut to Kenzi, holding a page of the prophecy book and looking like she’s barely holding it together. “Destiny. Booyah.”

Bo is seemingly getting beaten, badly, while Massimo continues to mouth off about how great he is now and how powerful. Lauren is minutes from freeing herself from her chains as Doccubus gets ready to end the mother-lover. Bo and Massimo have a chi-off but it’s deflected, weakening Bo. Evony steps around the corner and is immediately met with a knife held to her throat via Bo. This enrages Massimo. The big druidic baby has a temper tantrum so big his eyes begin to bleed.

At the Hel Mouth, Dyson and Tamsin are beating the crap out of the armies of the fallen. Sure they are outnumbered by the hundreds but it’s kinda fun. Plus Trick joins in the frey so now it’s a real party.

Back to Massimo and company. Bo really pisses Massimo off by draining a bit of chi from momma. This causes Massimo to mimic the act and he begins to drain Evony himself. Bo taunts him and reminds him that only she can breathe life back into her as he finishes draining every last drop. Massimo pleads for Bo to help her. For that, she’ll need someone’s chi. A life for a life, that’s the Fae way. She drains Massimo and revitalizes Evony. While Massimo is down a now free Lauren picks his pocket and crushes the Twig, his lifeline, to dust. Bo bitch slaps him for Lauren, knees him in the little druid for Rainer, punches him for Hale, and guts him like a fish for breaking Kenzi’s heart. Bo and the good doctor embrace.

Back to the battlefield at the Hel Mouth. It’s Kenzi. (Damnit!) She’s making the long walk through the chaos, determined to close the portal. Kenzi does have a part to play in this affair afterall. She is Bo’s heart.

Bo and Lauren share a moment. Lauren is going to stay and make sure Evony is all right and Bo has a destiny to face. The two share one more kiss before parting.

The battle is not going well. There are just too many. Kenzi tells Dyson what needs to be done. For 4 seasons now Kenzi has been the one who kept Bo on the right track. She was the key to Bo’s humanity, her feelings. She taught Bo what it means to love and be loved. She has been Bo’s constant, her center. In every conceivable way she is Bo’s heart. But hey, it’s Kenzi and she has a plan. She wants to go out a warrior. She’ll grab that golden ticket to Valhalla and wait there for Bo. She knows Bo will do everything in her power to bring her back and maybe, just maybe while she’s up there she’ll see her Siren again.

Daddy’s coming. It’s now or never. Resigned to her fate Mackenzie ‘Kenzi’ Malikov walks up to the portal and, just as Bo arrives on the scene to bare witness, breaks all of our hearts.

The portal closes.

The fallen warriors cease.

And Tamsin takes Kenzi’s soul to Valhalla.

Or at least that was the plan. Dyson finds a crumpled and distraught Tamsin at the Gates of Valhalla. Kenzi is gone. She never made it there with Tamsin.

We end at Kenzi’s gravesite. Bo has brought flowers and a monologue. No more death. Bo will stop at nothing to bring her heart back.

Happy endings are for fairy tales and massage parlors, not ‘Lost Girl.’ The ‘Search For Spock’ begins with Season 5. I hope you join me then for what is sure to be another incredible ride. Leave your comments below and let us know what you thought of the season finale?