Today’s episode of Touch is brought to you by the number 8877.

“Eye to Eye” start with a tantalizing hint of a future that never will happen. Jake and Amelia are running towards each other on a peer, and they finally meet. Then, the two wake up in their respective beds with indecipherable expressions on their faces.

During this time, Jake gives a speech about bonds and connection, and how intimacy should never be interrupted. It doesn’t seem ominous in the beginning, but in the the end, when he finishes the speech and Calvin Norburg is underneath the tires of Lucy’s car.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Jake comes to breakfast with his hair combed, we find out that he’s going to have a play date with Soleil. Or rather, have a sit-and-not-talk-and-listen-to-Soliel-date. After Martin puts Jake’s waffles in the microwave and walks away, Jake sticks something that looks like a lobster cracker in his microwave while Martin’s back is turned. The microwaves explodes, and ends up on the number 8877. Though, in my experience, when I leave metal things in the microwave, nothing works. Not even the numbers.

Anyway, Martin prudently decides to go out for breakfast. There, Jake plays on the arcade and the man who has been watching Amelia and not been given a name for five episodes finds both Jake and Martin, and follows them out of the restaurant after he calls Norburg for instructions. His name, until I learn it, will therefore be NoName.

Naturally, Martin, being Keifer Sutherland from 24, notices and swerves without checking his blind spots and manages to lose the tail without getting an accident for about three seconds. In the parking garage where he’s hiding, he attacks the blue car that’s been following him, drags NoName out of it, and precedes to tear the poor man’s ACL. The lesson to be learned from this is ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT. Lest you want Keifer Sutherland to pull you out and beat you up. Also, lock your doors.

Unfortunately, Martin and find any more information out because the dreaded parking garage security comes and he has to flee. The golf cart was just no match for his speed.

Then, as if nothing totally freaky just happened like being followed by an unknown guy when your son is in danger, Martin drops Jake off at the unsecured location of Soleil’s house, where we are reminded that Frances’ ex-boyfriend still exists. Remember Carl from the second episode? How he has her phone number though she shouldn’t? That’s finally important.

We know it’s important, Jake nabs Carl’s phone and calls Frances’ phone, which happens to be in the posession of Amelia. She says “I knew you’d find me”. He dials 8877, and somehow she is able to decipher the tones, and we’re off to the races.

Next thing we know is that while Soleil isn’t paying attention to him, Jake is running out to some unknown destination.

Meanwhile, Martin and Lucy are trying to discover more about Calvin Norburg at Breakwire. After Martin confesses to having lied to Lucy about not meeting Norburg. He tells her that Norburg threatened his son, and after Lucy hems and haws about trusting Martin, they go back to Trevor and find out information about Calvin’s mom, who is Frances.

So, remember how Frances had to leave her job mysteriously, and go somewhere she couldn’t tell anyone where she was? Well, apparently, her super secret cover isn’t immune to a simple internet search. There, we find her on the board of the Greybar Institute, a place that is dedicated to the treatment of brain injuries, which is where Lucy and Martin go immediately.

There, Martin meet Frances, and learns about her other son, William, who was in a car accident with Calvin and is in a persistent vegetative state. We also learn that Calvin has been working towards finding a way to help his brother by mapping the brain.

Martin then gets a phone call from Carl saying that Jake has gone missing. He runs off, leaving Lucy behind at the facility to do what she always does when she’s left alone, and that is be incredibly rash. Unbeknownst to Martin, Frances also gets a call informing her that Amelia had faked a stomach illness and escaped from the hospital. She does not know why, but we do, and that’s so Amelia can meet Jake.

While Martin is off riding buses that have the number 8877 to Marina Del Rey in a quest to find his lost son, Lucy finds Calvin’s brother room, and an emergency contact for Calvin. She promptly calls the number, tells him that his brother had a breakthrough, and waits for him to arrive at the facility in order to… well… I’m not exactly sure what. But whatever she wanted to do, it failed spectacularly, because as soon as Calvin figured out it was a rouse (i.e, the second he walked through the door), he called security and sent Lucy running with a syringe full of water.

When Lucy leaves, Calvin holds William’s hand, and William’s clutches it. Perhaps there has a been a breakthrough, and Lucy just didn’t know it.

Martin find an arcade with scores from both Jake and Amelia that say 29. Martin texts Lucy immediately, and she drives over to see if they can’t find out what 29 means.It turns out it was referring to the pier that we saw in Jake and Amelia’s dreams, and Martin finds Jake, but not Amelia.

Amelia is further down the dock, not moving, and Lucy is running towards her. Before Lucy can get there, however, Frances grabs Amelia and drives her away, leading one to wonder if Amelia consciously chose not to meet Jake at the pier; that she wanted to see her mother, but knew she really couldn’t meet her.

In the end, Frances tells Amelia how sorry she is that Amelia can’t see her mother, but that Lucy wouldn’t understand the work Amelia has to do.

Lucy, then, find Calvin Norburg later by tracing a house that a company who funds The Greybar institute bought, and runs him over. The dramatic end is played against Martin telling Jake how he dreams of them at a house, laughing. Jake’s response is to hold his hand, which makes Martin tear up.

This is the end of the episode, and it’s fairly dramatic, if I don’t say so myself.

But I’ve skipped over the B-Story, which is that of Guillermo Ortiz, the murderer who is after Jake.

While Martin and Lucy are having their adventure, Guillermo went to Mexico to confess his sins. He meets Father Esteban, who refuses to give him absolution. Esteban than struggles with whether or not he should turn Guillermo in, which would break the sacrament of confession and excommunicate him. In the end, he decides to turn Guillermo in, but not before Guillermo gets to him and murders in the bathroom after giving him one last chance to grant him absolution.

We learn something terrible in this story, and contrary to the last episode. Last episode, Avram correctly surmised that Guillermo couldn’t in good conscious kill those who aren’t the 36 without it meaning murder. Guillermo, now, has obviously decided against that, and now we know that all the characters are in danger. Not just Jake and Amelia.

Tune in next time, and we’ll see just where this roller coaster is going to take us.