SPOILER ALERT! This is a full episode recap so if you want to avoid spoilers, please watch the episode before reading this.

It turns out Aqualad, a.k.a. Kaldur’ahm a.k.a. the son of Black Manta and sidekick of Aquaman, is fully healed from the brain wipe that Miss Martian inflicted upon him, when she thought he’d betrayed their Team and killed her best friend Artemis.  Now the three of them are under the scrutiny of Deathstroke the Terminator, with Artemis disguised as the criminal Tigress.  And Black Manta wants Miss Martian dead, so the trio are stuck trying to figure a way out of their predicament.  In fact, Black Manta storms in and demands that M’Ghaan cure Kaldur within 24 hours or die.

Elsewhere, Nightwing demands answers as to the whereabouts of The Team, whom Blue Beetle betrayed in the last episode of Young Justice, under the influence of The Reach.  Blue and Green Beetle lie to cover up their machinations, with Blue Beetle chalking it up to a Boom Tube.  Nightwing does detect Boom Tube activity, but Blue states that Impulse has the Crystal Key when in fact, he actually has it.  Captain Atom states that Captain Marvel and Rocket are guarding the Key’s chamber so no one can reactivate War World.

Meanwhile, Artemis’ father Sportsmaster and her sister Cheshire have sworn to avenger her (fake) death by killing the individuals they hold accountable, Black Manta and Aqualad.  The pair sneak on board the Manta Ship to exact their revenge.  But whereas Jade (Cheshire) truly seems concerned with justice for her sister, Sportsmaster just wants to maintain his “rep.”

Artemis, Miss Martian and Aqualad are conflicted on their plan of action, but Artemis and Aqualad refuse to let Black Manta kill Miss Martian.  Tigress bluffs and takes a break from overseeing Miss Martian’s repairing of Aqualad’s psyche.  This allows Cheshire to slip and and attempt to murder Kaldur.  Miss Martian tries to explain the reality of the situation telepathically, but Deathstroke, from afar, blocks all of her powers.  He then informs Black Manta that Cheshire is in Kaldur’s room, so Manta orders all of his men to converge on that site.

Artemis/Tigress then goes to the ship’s control room… while Sportsmaster strikes, attacking Black Manta.

Cheshire is confused that Miss Martian is defending Aqualad’s seemingly comatose body.  When Manta’s troops arrive, she locks the door, jamming her sword into the lock to shut it.  Though he’s blocking Miss Martian’s powers, Deathstroke does contact Tigress and tells her that Cheshire is in Kaldur’s room.  M’ghaan, meanwhile resorts to scooping up one of Black Manta’s men’s energy rifle.  Her target isn’t Cheshire, however, but the security camera that Deathstroke is using to observe them.  Cheshire, unfortunately, isn’t in on the secret and knocks M’Ghaan out.  Kaldur must break his ruse and tries to tell her that her sister Artemis is still alive, but Cheshire doesn’t believe him.

Back on War World, Nightwing seems to have figured out that something is afoot.  He keeps combing the area, seeking clues as to what happened to The Team.  He notices that the airlock controls are damaged and he finds one of Robin’s “Bird-a-rangs.”  Upon scanning it, he finds traces of Blue Beetle’s scarab energy.

From the control room, Tigress deactivates the inhibitor collar on Miss Martian, who is unfortunately unconscious.  On her way back, Tigress stumbles upon the battle between Sportsmaster (her father, although he doesn’t realize it at this point) and Black Manta, who requests that she join him.  She attacks Sportsmaster, while Manta goes to check on Kaldur’ahm.  Unfortunately, Sportsmaster over-powers her and is about to strike a killing blow!

Black Manta blasts his way into Kaldur’s room, only to be ambushed by Cheshire.  M’Ghaan turns intangible and her inhibitor collar falls off as she pulls Kaldur, Artemis, Cheshire and Sportsmaster into the psychic plane so they can come clean regarding their plan.  M’Ghaan tries to explain The Team’s convoluted plot, wherein Aqualad pretended to kill Artemis allowing her to become Tigress and join him deep undercover, infiltrating The Light and The Reach.  Cheshire acknowledges this, but Sportsmaster refuses to buy the story.  Artemis then tells Miss Martian to release them, so she can convince him in the real world, which she does by demonstrating a move that Sportsmaster taught her as a child.

Cheshire and Miss Martian have struck a tense alliance, with Miss Martian offering to cover Cheshire and Sportsmaster’s escape, while getting a bit of revenge against Black Manta.  But after the assassin escapes, Kaldur “wakes up” and attacks Miss Martian, seemingly in defense of his father, which further convinces Manta of his son’s loyalty.  Meanwhile, Miss Martian escapes by phasing through the floor.

Sportsmaster does a favor for Artemis and destroys the control room, to cover her tracks.  But before he and Cheshire can escape, they are confronted by Deathstroke.  They battle with Tigress stepping in to join Deathstroke, who gets annoyed that the two young women doesn’t seem to really be in this for blood.  Luckily, Miss Martian steps in and disables Tigress and Deathstroke, allowing Sportsmaster and Cheshire to slip away.  M’Ghaan then slips away as well.

Later in Gotham City, Jade (Cheshire) visits her mother Paula, who was watching her daughter Lian.  She then tells Paula that she has good news about Artemis…

Meanwhile, Black Manta confers with Vandal Savage and The Reach Ambassador, stating that Kaldur’s seeing Manta in mortal danger was the final step in him snapping back to normal, reinforcing that Kaldur is on their side.

In Bludhaven, Nightwing watches a press conference where The Reach Ambassador acknowledges Blue Beetle as a true hero, which makes Nightwing suspicious.

This was a really important episode, with Aqualad’s return to normal, Miss Martian’s escaping Black Manta’s grip and Cheshire and Sportsmaster finally being clued in that Artemis is actually still alive, there were just so many big reveals!  Plus, Nightwing knows that something is wrong regarding Blue Beetle and The Reach.  Though most of The Team is MIA, I didn’t really miss them, because of all the other big events this episode.

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