Bendis is bringing back the Uncanny X-Men with a fresh relaunch of the title. After the Phoenix Force finished tearing apart the X-Family it is time for mutants everywhere to rebuild. With new mutants popping up, it is the X-Men’s job to once again bring them in for proper training in both their powers and how to live in society.

While in an overall view, that is a return to that status quo of the world of mutants. The only problem though is now there are 2 groups of X-Men who are trying to bring mutants up in the world. The first is actually in Wolverine’s camp which is trying to give them an environment of traditional education. It’s still a shock to see Logan in this roll though who he has assigned as teachers and headmasters fit perfectly. On the other side of the coin we have the world’s now most wanted fugitive, Cyclops, attempting to bring back his own version of the X-Men.

Completely offhand, whoever is doing this group of X-Men’s tailoring needs to be fired. The new look of each of these characters makes Cyclops looks ridiculous (granted the ‘idea’ of his look works great on the propaganda poster shown early in the issue), Magneto looks like he’s borrowing from Stryfe’s old closet and nothing stands out about Emma’s current outfit. Also Magik looks like she robbed the S&M section of Emma’s old wardrobe when she was in the Hellfire CLub.

Uncanny X-Men is going to be a look in on the mutant group that Scott Summers (Cyclops) is building. He feels that the entire Phoenix saga has only escalated the war against mutants and with new mutants showing up it is his job, no, his responsibility to make sure they are able to defend themselves against man and mutant alike. The problem is that even while he can be one of the most destructive forces on the planet, he no longer has the finely tuned control over his power that he had developed throughout his life. In fact, none of his group is able to properly channel their powers aside from possibly Magik.

Still they have the knowledge and years of leadership in this group to inspire both human and mutant to help them. In this issue we see Cyclops recruit another ‘new mutant’ to his roster. With a healer and time stopper in tow he already has a good start on his little militant group. The problem though is that is claiming to be teaching them in a new school, the New Charles Xavier School for the Gifted.

The name alone will be an affront to many of his older teammates and friends. He is solely responsible for Xavier’s death and his actions are not running closer to how Magneto used to fight for the mutant cause but also make many feel that he is spitting on the grave of his former teacher and friend. Cyclops though is smart and he appears to have a plan.

The only problem with his plan though is not everyone currently working with him is on board with his plans. The entire issue we are being teased that he has a traitor in his midst who is feeding the US Government a way to stop Scott. The traitor is revealed at the end of the episode is the biggest shock you may have. It also introduces us to either what has to be an amazingly elaborate plan on Scott’s side or a true shift of someone against what he is doing. Honestly I could see either of these options being the truth.

While the action sequences looked great the art looked a little dull on this one for the still scenes (specially with how much I’ve been loving the style in All New X-Men) I don’t see what they are going to do with this comic and aside from the ‘traitor’ angle it’s not winning me over yet. We’ll see what the next few issues brings.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Chris Bachalo