Deadpool continues his battle against the undead Presidents of the United States in issue four of his brand new Marvel NOW! series from Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. In the last issue, the Merc With A Mouth went toe-to-toe with “Tricky Dick” Richard Nixon alongside the Sorcerer Supreme and Dr. Stephen Strange, who bestowed upon our hero an enchanted sword to expedite the zombie slaying process.

In this issue, Deadpool, Agent Preston, and the ghost of Benjamin Franklin travel from coast to coast to cut down the number of formerly dead founding fathers walking around the country trying to destroy it, including JFK (who’s death is my favorite so far), Herbert Hoover, James K. Polk, and more. The biggest fight of the issue is a grudge match between Wade Wilson and Abraham Lincoln, the man who blew DP’s brains out in the first issue. Sure, it didn’t kill him, but it was a major inconvenience.

When I first picked up this issue, I was wondering how they’d deal with all the dead Presidents before this story got old. Not saying that it’s getting old, but any story that goes on for too long can get boring. And naturally, as I should have guessed, the answer was a montage. Well done, Posehn & Duggan, for the extremely Deadpool thing to do.

Another really Deadpool thing to do is to break the fourth wall. Initially, the writers weren’t using this trademark of the character, but I noticed it a few times in this issue. Not that they aren’t giving us a good amount of Deadpool’s essence in their writing, but that was one noticeable thing missing, so I’m glad to see that it hasn’t been done away with.

Finally, the biggest question in my mind is what the hell is going to happen next? Not just in this story, but also what storyline is coming up after this. This eliminating resurrected Presidents thing came up because the Avengers didn’t want to do it, so what other revolting threats could come up that only Deadpool could/would battle? I’m curious to find out, but even before we can get there, we still have a few more zombies to deal with. I lost count of who’s still around, but I’m pretty sure George Washington is causing trouble somewhere.

Bottom line is that Deadpool is still the most fun comic that I’m reading right now. It’s out there, but it’s pretty hilarious, and this issue is no different. Keep the laughs coming, Marvel. I’m enjoying them.

Final Score: