After showing Carl around his complex last issue, Negan attempted to mess with Rick’s head when he and Michonne arrived in pursuit, but that backfires as Rick head-butts him in the nose and lays into him.  Rick gets in a few good shots, but keep in mind, he only has one hand, so Negan quickly turns the tables on him.

It’s all for nothing though as Carl appears and is perfectly fine.  Negan admits he was just playing with Rick’s head when he claimed he’d harmed Carl.  Negan then insists that he wants them to be friends and to have a nice professional relationship.  They part on decent terms.

Elsewhere, Eugene, Rosita and Holly finally investigate the armory Eugene has had his eye on for a while.  (Which resulted in Abraham’s death a few issues ago.)  It appears to be even more than what Eugene was hoping for and even manages to impress Rosita.

Rick gets up in front of the people of Alexandria and once again addresses them as if he has rolled over for Negan.  Andrea starts to question this approach.

Later, while Heath is on watch detail, someone makes an indecent proposal that he rebuffs.  Groan.

After putting Carl to bed, Rick and Andrea confer with Jesus and discuss the details that Carl was smart enough to make mental notes of regarding Negan’s complex and followers.  Jesus then references the coming introduction of yet another mysterious new character.

This was another slower issue, which will probably feel more essential once the entire story is collected.  There were a few nice developments.  It was interesting that Carl was astute enough to make mental notes about Negan’s followers and home base.  Eugene finally found that armory he’s been talking about forever so hopefully we’ll see that add something  to the story in the near future.

However, Negan seems to be skating by with little consequence for his killing Glenn.  Maybe Kirkman is just stretching this story out but I’m still waiting for him to get what’s coming to him… and it better be worth it!

Overall, it was a solid issue which added some elements to the story, but it was a bit slow and there wasn’t much resolution.



Written by Robert Kirkman
Art and Cover by Charlie Adlard