After the first issue sold out in 24 hours, it’s safe to assume that the second issue of Brian Wood’s ‘Star Wars’ would be highly anticipated. Now, the only comic that takes you back to the glory days of the original trilogy with the iconic characters that generations know and love is back with it’s next installment.

In the last issue, Mon Mothma commissioned Leia to take C3-PO and select a small, trusted squad on an extremely off the grid mission to find a new base for the Alliance because she fears that there’s a spy in their ranks. Meanwhile she sends Chewbacca and Han Solo on a mission of their own involving a large sum of currency. Over on the Dark Side, Darth Vader was reassigned from his personal Star Destroyer to another assignment for the Emperor so as to redeem himself for the loss of the Death Star.

In this issue, as we saw in the preview last month, we open with Han and Chewie getting tracked down by a ship called ‘Slave I’, which they desperately need to get away from. Back with the Rebel Alliance, Leia chooses her squad , Luke shows off his flying skills a bit, and C3-PO charges his batteries. Finally, with Darth Vader off ship, a new figure named Colonel Bircher assumes command of the vessel.

After reading the issue, my first reaction is that the quality of the story carries over from the first book, but not as much happens. In the long run, this is the book that will probably have most of the exposition in it. A lot of storylines are set up in this issue with little results, but those will come later. That’s not to say interesting things weren’t happening as I progressed through the book, but there’s just a whole lot of introductory stuff, like adding Bircher and Leia’s team to the mix. The coolest introduction though had to go to the new X-Wings. Forget all the new things they can do. A new paint job does wonders on anything. But out of everything, I appreciated the character building moments with Luke and Leia the most.

Speaking of those two, the next thing that I reacted to was the conversation between Luke and Leia where hints of a romantic relationship are blossoming. At least, in Luke’s mind, probably. Yeah, I know that they don’t know that they’re brother and sister until ‘Return of the Jedi’, but still. We all know about it already. But Wood looks to be throwing another factor in there in the form of Prithi from Chalacta. I’m curious to see where this goes.

Finally, I’m very excited to see business pick up with Han and Chewie now that they’ve reached their destination and Boba Fett has caught up with them once already. I sense a bit of Han Solo being a badass coming up very soon. And let’s be honest, everyone wants to see that.

Final Score:



Star Wars #2

Written By Brian Wood

Art By Carlos D’anda & Gabe Eltaeb

Cover By Alex Ross