I was first alerted to this news by my British friend via an email entitled, “England leads the way again!” Curious, I click the link and find a Kickstarter for the designing, and building, of the Death Star.

The petition to make a Death Star was breaking news last month, and it seems that while America may lead the way in vision, Britain is the one with the population willing to foot the bill. I, of course, would like to take this opportunity to publicly remind my friend that none of this would have been possible with America’s petition.

In any case, it should come as no surprise to fans of the Star Wars franchise that the Death Star may be built by the UK. After all, the weapon of mass destruction had a high population density of British actors.

In just two days, the Kickstarter has garnered £147,714 ($231,364) of the projected $850,000,000,000,000,000 it will cost. Though the sum seems formidable, it not even a hundredth of a hundredth of a hundredth of the percentage required to build this ambitious stellar weaponry.

Still, those who back this, there will be rewards. For backers of £1, they will receive “our thanks and the knowledge that we’re one step towards a safer planet”. For those who pledge more than £10, the backer will receive in addition to gratitude and the knowledge of safer Earth, their “name etched onto the underneath of one of the MSE-6-series repair droids used on the finished station”.

The creator of this Kickstarter clearly states that the project is a  “joke”, as they have set a goal that is far too high to get successful funding. Still, it seems there are still people willing to try and make the dream a reality.

The Empire, who was quick to mock Earth’s failed attempt to build the Death Star, has yet to comment on this turn of events.