Last issue, the members of Justice League Dark were teleported to the world of Epoch, filled with wild magic which transformed them all.  The immortal Madame Xanadu is rapidly aging.  Black Orchid became a hulking monster.  Deadman came back to life… only to be killed again by science Agent Vikar.  Perhaps worse, John Constantine can’t lie.

After being killed, Boston Brand is sucked into this strange world’s afterlife, where he quickly finds a way back to Epoch in his usual dead ghostly form.  Agent Vikar proves a powerful adversary, especially with the team in their new altered states.

Elsewhere, Zatanna and Timothy Hunter learn of Epoch’s magical history.  This is a world that was once ruled by magic with fairies, sorcerers and so forth roaming freely.  Unfortunately, humans, feeling inferior, developed science and eventually used technology to destroy as much magic as they could and took over control.  Timothy Hunter may prove to be the key to the return of magic, but the connection between the heroes and the Earth may doom both worlds.

The idea of a world that was once ruled by magic that was destroyed by technology is a pretty smart idea.  I enjoy this book as a whole and this was a really solid issue that delivered lots of action, story and character interaction, with the stakes being raised continually.

The art on this book, by Mikel Janin is ALWAYS gorgeous!  He goes above and beyond this issue.  The “afterworld” that Deadman finds himself in is this really amazing looking inferno.  The colors are like special effects that really pop off of the page.  And Janin seems to really be sinking his teeth into creating this whole magical world.  It’s not just pretty.  It’s really stunning… gorgeous facial expressions, dynamic action shots, intense detail… month after month, this could easily be the most beautiful book on stands.

I’ve read that this book is going to become more closely tied to the rest of the DC Universe and I hope it helps direct more attention to it.  It’s a real sleeper hit!  I don’t see how it could be more satisfying.  Great writing and brilliant art!  People that don’t read this are really missing out.


Written by Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes
Art and Cover by Mikel Janin