The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t entirely dead, as shown at the end of ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #1 (though it’s all still pretty complicated). Though the real Peter Parker is still hanging around in his ghost-like form because of what one of of his greatest foes did to him, Otto Octavius isn’t actually such a terrible Spider-Man. In the first issue of this brand new series, the former Doctor Octopus said farewell to his long-time foe and began a new life as Peter Parker by subduing the threat of a new (and more incompetent) Sinister Six and rekindling a new romance with Mary Jane Watson. While only on his second day on the job in this new issue, he continues to initiate some amazing changes in the life of Peter Parker that really make saving the day much easier to balance with a normal life, which leads to the majority of the issue being about Peter and Mary Jane dating.

In my review of the first issue, I make reference to ‘Spider-Man 3’ and how Peter’s new mannerisms in this series are akin to the ones he utilized in that sorry excuse for a movie when he was possessed by the Venom symbiote.  Well, I now find myself being all about Otto-Pete’s over-the-topness. I love that he still talks like a super villain while he’s being heroic and when he’s trying to impress MJ. As they point out in the book, who actually says fetching? The Superior Spider-Man, that’s who! He even refers to his romances as “dating trials” like they’re experiments. There’s so many funny elements to this series that are so much in the vein of the original Spider-Man, but just with a new twist.

Another interesting thing about this series is that not a lot happens in terms of action. They synopses of these issues are very short, which is why they both fit in one paragraph, but while it lacks in action so far, it contains boat-loads of character development. Because Doc Ock’s brain is fused with Peter Parker’s memories and feelings, he really is determined to create the best Spider-Man to ever exist. He’s even making the mature decisions that Peter never could have made in a thousand years. I was blown away by what he did at the end of the issue! Not only could Peter never do something like that, but I don’t think the readers could make a decision like that either. It was great to see all that unfold on the page. I’m such a sucker for superhero dating tales.

Also, I’m a sucker for is a pretty girl. Stan Lee once said that John Romita draws some of the most attractive women in comics, which is why he drew Mary Jane in her very first appearance. There’s no denying that the legendary Romita is an excellent artist, but Stegman here is certainly on the rise and he draws a gorgeous Mary Jane. One thing to take note about his women is that they’re more real than most portrayals of women in comics. I feel like I could find his versions of MJ and Carlie actually sitting in some café in New York City right now. Their proportions aren’t completely exaggerated and they have a more realistic body types. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the Frank Cho or Greg Horn methods of drawing women in comics, but it’s refreshing to see these differences here and there in comics today.

Overall, I’m enjoying this series a lot. Those fans that were outraged after the events of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700 totally overreacted when they said that they’d boycott this book. It’s a great character piece so far and I’m stoked to see where it goes from here. We could all learn a thing or two about bettering yourself from the Superior Spider-Man.

Final Score:




Written by DAN SLOTT