Without a doubt, one of the most popular panels at any convention is the Women of Marvel panel and this year’s gathering at New York Comic Con was no different. Moderated by Marvel Talent Relations Senior Manager Jeanine Schaefer, the panel was filled with not only some of the most talented women in comic books today, but some of the most talented people in the medium period, including Kelly Sue DeConnick, Sana Amanat, Katie Kubert, Ellie Pyle, Emily Shaw, Judy Stephens, Stacey Lee, Adri Cowan, Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson, Margaret Stohl, Erica Henderson, Stephanie Hans, Sara Pichelli, and Jen Grünwald.

Before getting into the passionate and supportive Q&A session, the House of Ideas unveiled a slew of excellent news for all True Believers. First, it looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy will be getting yet another spinoff title as ‘Gamora’ #1 by Nicole Perlman will join Sam Humphries’ ‘Legendary Star-Lord’ and Skottie Young’s ‘Rocket Raccoon’ on the shelves of your local comic shop. While no artist has been announced yet (aside from cover artist Francesco Mattina), the deadliest woman in the galaxy’s new ongoing title is scheduled for Spring 2015 and will mark Perlman’s comic book writing debut. Fans may recognize her name as co-screenwriter of the massively popular Marvel Studios film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ from director James Gunn, so it’s safe to say that Perlman knows Gamora and her world pretty well.

Next, in a move that many felt should have came a lot sooner, the all-female book ‘X-Men’ will finally get a female writer when ‘Ms. Marvel’ writer G. Willow Wilson takes over the title for Marc Guggenheim. Her four-issue arc called “The Burning World” is set to start in ‘X-Men’ #23, which debuts in January, and features the team venturing to a Burning Man-esque festival to investigate a mysterious sinkhole.

Finally, in celebration of Women’s History Month, Marvel will release twenty “Women of Marvel” variant covers during the month of March by artists such as Sara Pichelli, Jill Thompson, Vanesa R. Del Rey, and Faith Erin Hicks. If you look below, you can see Stacey Lee’s cover for ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #33 and Stephanie Hans’ ‘Thor’ #7 cover:

What do you think about the news that emerged from this year’s Women of Marvel panel at New York Comic Con? Are you excited to read an ongoing comic starring Gamora written by one of the people who contributed to the success of this summer’s acclaimed blockbuster? How do you think G. Willow Wilson will do when she handles the ladies of ‘X-Men’? And are there any artists that you hope to see spotlighted on the special “Women of Marvel” variants in March 2015? Sound off in the comment section.