‘Wolverine’ #312, written by Jeph Loeb and featuring art by Simone Bianchi features the return of Sabretooth and another former adversary, Remus.  It is also packed with startling revelations! (Courtesy of Bleedingcool.com.)  Please don’t read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled!

First up, Remus dispells a former “revelation” that all three were “Homo Lupus”… not quite werewolves, but humans evolved from wolves.  This revelation, by the way, appeared in an earlier tale written by Loeb, who obviously got the hint that no one liked this idea.

Why not take it to eleven, Creed? Click to enlarge.

Next up, Sabretooth reveals that he has claw implants like Logans.  He pops… not three but FOUR razor sharp claws, which he promptly uses to lay into Logan.  But that’s not even the biggest game changer here!

Nope, remember Barry Windsor-Smith’s landmark origin story “Weapon X” story?  the one that finally filled in the clawed mystery mutant’s past?  The one loosely referenced in the movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine?”  Maybe it didn’t go exactly as we all thought.  Behold:

What?!  Wolverine was the mastermind behind the Weapon X project?  All that revenge seeking and anger?  His own doing?  REALLY?!

Well… we don’t really know, do we?  I mean, do we really trust Sabretooth?  I mean, that’s a pretty hefty claim.  And it’s something that hasn’t even vaguely been hinted at since Windsor-Smith’s story, which was published in 1989!

Is Sabretooth lying?  Or will this stick, like ‘Wolverine: Origin’ which revealed the character’s true name for the first time– James Howlett.  Only time– and fan and creator reaction– will tell.