Out of respect for the events that happened in Paris last Friday, CBS has decided to delay the episode of ‘Supergirl’ set to air tonight, titled ‘How Does She Do It?’ Apparently the episode revolved around Supergirl dealing with a series of bombings around National City, which the network felt might be a little to similar to the tragic events that struck Paris. With all of the heartbreak and discord currently enveloping that poor city, it makes perfect sense why the network would delay the episode, especially when shows like ‘Supergirl’ should serve as an escape for people from the real world, not a twisted reflection of current tragedies.

Fans of the show need not fear however, as they will be airing an new episode, titled ‘Livewire,’ which was originally set to air next week. While fans may worry that with a serialized show like ‘Supergirl’ airing episodes out of order might spoil some surprises, I am sure no one will be taking exception to the reasoning behind the decision made by CBS here. The real question to my mind is when they will actually air the episode pulled, especially if it contains plot elements that help progress the story of the season.

‘Supergirl’ is not the only one affected by the attacks in Paris, as an HBO Concert event featuring U2 which was set to shoot in Paris was cancelled, as well as the Paris premieres of ‘Bridge of Spies’ and ‘Jane Got a Gun,’ not to mention all of the movies theaters that have been closed since the day of the attack. Hopefully in time these events will be rescheduled, and the people of Paris will find a way to return to some semblance of normalcy after the tragedy that has befallen them. Until then, continue to keep the people of Paris in your thoughts and prayers.

Source: Deadline