While he took a brief break from his acting career to have a run in the world of politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to fictional scripted work in front of the camera (although some may say that he never stopped doing that). Though he has a bunch of new films in the works like ‘The Last Stand’ and ‘The Tomb’, it seems like he’s revisiting a bunch of his previous roles as well, including sequels to ‘Twins’ and ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Now, he has been confirmed to return to the franchise that arguably made his career what it is today, and all with only three words: “I’ll be back.”

According to Bleeding Cool, who caught up with the actor at a press junket in London for ‘The Last Stand’, Schwarzenegger verbally confirmed that he would be a part of the next ‘Terminator’ movie. At one point, the actor was set to star in the film for director Justin Lin, who dropped out after a while and caused the project to come to a halt. Now that it’s star has been reattached and a script is currently being written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier for Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures, the ball is rolling once again for a new ‘Terminator’ movie.

Though the former Governator is great shape for his age, he’s hardly the T-800 that we all remember fondly anymore, so what role could he take in a new installment in the ‘Terminator’ franchise. If I were writing the script, I’d maybe get the model for the T-800 involved in the story somehow and maybe make him feel guilty about contributing to such a weapon and try to stop it and Skynet. I’m envisioning a crazy futuristic film, but it’s more likely that they’ll use special effects to make the actor look youthful again, like they did with Jeff Bridges in ‘Tron: Legacy’.

What do you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger returning for another ‘Terminator’ movie? Who do you think he’ll play? Share your thoughts in the comments below!