Keeping with the dry humor of the undead, a new viral video has been release featuring Rob Corddry as he talks about his experience working on the film ‘Warm Bodies’ and how one has  to reach deep into their inner zombie in order to give a truly great performance.

Corddry may be best known for his comedic talents in films such as ‘Hot Tub Time Machine ‘ and ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’ as well as appearances on ‘The Daily Show,’ “Happy Ending’ and ‘Ben and Kate.’ But in this mockumentary from Screen Junkies, Corddry talks about how he really worked on this role to the point that he would never get out of character during the filming of the movie – a technique that is often used by such great actors like Daniel Day-Lewis. In fact, Corddry may be to zombies what Daniel Day-Lewis is to Abraham Lincoln!

“If you can fool a child into thinking that you’re dead and you hate her, then you are doing something right,” Corddry explains. He also states in the interview that he resorted to act like a zombie (brain eating and all) even during the off camera times so that the characterizations would not be lost. That’s because, according to Corddry, anything less would result in poor zombie acting as seen in ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ and Shaun of the Dead.’

In ‘Warm Bodies,’ Corrdry plays the role of M, the zombie best friend of R (Nicholas Hoult) and while he doesn’t have much in terms of a speaking role, Corrdry’s depiction of M is stellar. See how Rob Corddry explains how he used method acting to its fullest to give such a moving performance in ‘Warm Bodies:’