“Winter is coming” but it’s not Ned Stark from ‘Game of Thrones’ that is uttering these words as “the last winter of humankind” is actually happening in Victorian England. We’ve seen the trailers and the prequels of the upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas episode from the BBC, but this surprise trailer popped up on our radar which we just had to share! It’s the BBC America ‘Doctor Who’ TV spot for the Christmas episode ‘The Snowmen!’

With Mark Sheppard (‘Doctor Who’ , ‘Supernatural’) voicing the introduction of the TV trailer, this video has lots of footage not included in the ones from the UK. Not only is the sense of urgency that the doctor is needed, you also get to see the Ice Governess and more of those creepy snowmen in action.

Also included are more scenes showcasing Clara, the Doctor’s new companion. While not having seen the episode yet, from the looks of the footage released so far, the Doctor does have seem to have met a companion that will keep him on his toes. Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman have a great chemistry that comes across the screen quite well and it looks like Clara (as well as Coleman) will prove that she is the right companion for the Doctor.

Only 7 more days until Christmas and the episode that Whovians have been waiting for! Until then, enjoy the trailer below!

‘Doctor Who: The Snowmen’ airs Tuesday, Dec. 25 at 9pm ET/PT on BBC America.

‘Doctor Who: The Snowmen’ – BBC America Trailer: