It’s the season finale this week, wherein we might finally get some damn answers about what Emmet was looking for. Oh and Jahel decides to ask for help from beyond the grave. Sounds like a party, doesn’t it?

The episode opens on the Magus back in June 1988. Young Lena crawls into bed with young Lincoln because she can’t sleep, and he sings “row, row, row your boat” to help her fall asleep. There’s a creepy fade-out and the song continues in voiceover while we transition to the present day.

Clark’s in the editing room, talking about cutting eight episodes and giving everyone their happy ending. Lincoln gives another personal interview talking about being happy to have his parents back together, but things between them seem different now. Jonas talks about why he stayed. Emilio says he went because Doc saved his life. Jahel in her interview talks about how lucky they are.

Kurt talks about getting home once they get out of the Boiuna. Tess talks about being happy to go home. A.J. reveals in his interview that he’s gay; kind of a surprise that. Lena talks about the song Lincoln used to sing to her, and how life back onshore was the dream and the boat was real. Then Clark comes back and says into the camera it’s time to get some effing answers.

On deck, the entire crew stares at Emmet and Clark asks why the hell he came to the Amazon. Emmet says he thought he was supposed to find something, and talks about everything that happened… and how he was supposed to die, and probably part of him did.

Emmet finds Lena and apologizes for Russ’s death. She asks him about the birthmark, and he tells her he thought she was marked for something. She demands to know what the Source is… but Emmet’s only response is that it’s better for her to hate him. Umm, wait what?

Clark flirts with Tess in the main cabin, but she shoots him down. Then he beats the shiz out of the editing room in response. Emilio has Jahel tell the crew they’re shutting down for a bit so he can fix something in the engine.

Emmet and Lincoln talk on deck. Emmet tries to suggest they get together for the holidays and other times, but Lincoln says they should focus on just getting home first. Lincoln suddenly shoves Emmet aside as a bullet streaks through the glass, striking him in the neck. They try to save him… only to fail. Dood! First 10 minutes of the season finale and Lincoln’s dead. I wonder who else is going to fall this episode?

Tess stomps onto the darkened deck, demanding to know who shot Lincoln. Clark accuses Jonas and then Lena, and then A.J. says Kurt would be the only one trained to take the shot. Kurt tries to tell them he’s there to protect them, and then Clark mentions the recording of Kurt telling someone he’d put Emmet down if he found the source. To make his point, however, Kurt takes his pistol out and hands it over. Tess declares whoever did this will suffer.

Jahel is steering the ship, when she picks up the radio. She asks if anyone can hear her, and then says that she can hear them. Tess and Emmet are discussing Kurt when Jahel comes in and says there’s a way to bring Lincoln back. She wants to call out the Boiuna, the God of all Demons. Emmet is adamantly against it – there are some things you don’t call out. Tess, however, finds Jahel in the engine room and gives her the go-ahead. Is it just me, or is Tess really damn stupid sometimes?

Jahel conjures the Boiuna to bring Lincoln back from the grave. She uses the pendant as part of the ritual, and lights flicker off all throughout the ship. Jahel cuts open Tess’s arms for the blood. Tess asks how Jahel knows to do this, and the girl says someone is telling her. Then as the sheet draws back off Lincoln, fire erupts from near them and a godawful screeching sounds throughout the ship.

Water covers Lincoln’s body in the room where he’s lying. Emmet finds Tess downstairs and demands to know what she did. She doesn’t answer, and instead opens the door. Onto Lincoln back from the dead. Ah crap. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Tess and Emmet hug Lincoln while the others look on in shock. Emmet and Lincoln lock eyes, and Jahel says his soul will need time to recover. Lincoln accuses Kurt of shooting him, and the man emphasizes his innocence.

Emmet and Lincoln talk about the Boiuna. It protected Emmet, and he explains that sometimes the Boiuna chooses people to protect.

Down in the engine room, Emilio and Jahel argue about her decision to enlist the Boiuna. Emilio tries to tell her she has to live in Montana when they get home. Yeah, this does not sit well with Jahel. She’s her own woman now, and can make her own decisions. The argument ends when she walks away.

Tess and Emmet talk about Lincoln coming back from the dead. Lincoln told Emmet he loves him, which of course makes Emmet suspicious. It doesn’t help matters that Lincoln hasn’t told his dad he loves him for years.

Jonas finds Lincoln trying to make a sandwich. The dead man’s having problems though, so Jonas puts down the camera and helps him. He comments that it’s good to see Lincoln all right – thinks he’s a great guy and all. Then Lincoln reveals it was actually Jonas who shot him.

Lincoln saw the cameraman just before he pulled the trigger. Jonas is flabbergasted that Lincoln accused Kurt, but Lincoln says he did that because he and Kurt have unfinished business. Oh, and he wanted to kill Jonas himself. Wait, what? Then Lincoln slashes Jonas’s throat, splattering blood all over. Ewww….

Lincoln’s next on the main deck of the ship, while Emmet’s down in the editing room watching the tapes of the rescue mission. Emmet thanks Clark for coming down, but Clark angrily corrects him that he’s a selfish bastard. Emmet then watches the scene where Lincoln killed Jonas, except the video shows Jonas walking out of the kitchen alive. And then Lincoln creepily stares at the camera… while it fades to snow.

Emilio explains to Jahel that her mother isn’t dead. She had the same gift Jahael does; and once the spirits are in they cannot be silenced. Jahel asks where she is, and I’m thinking it’s an insane asylum.

Lincoln finds Kurt where he’s kept, and they talk in German about something. Lincoln says he knows who Kurt is… and even comments that he’s Guardian enough. Guardian of what, exactly?

Clark and A.J. sit in the dining room. Clark drinks some booze, while A.J. films him. They argue a bit about love lost and all that, since I think Clark really did love Tess. And then blood drips down from the ceiling. They see Jonas up in the vent. Dead. Whoops.

Lena finds Lincoln on the deck. He tells her he doesn’t think it’ll work out with his girl back home, and then he tells Lena how he’s watched her for a long time and knows how strong she is. Then they make out. Lena tells him to drink something, then follow her. Lincoln does, and is soon throwing up something black. Emmet appears behind them. He says he’s learned a few things in the Boiuna, demands that something “let go of my son,” and then bashes Lincoln over the head. Whoa! This is going to be an interesting wrap-up in the last 20 minutes now, innit?

Lincoln is restrained somewhere in the bowels of the ship. Tess wants to go with Emmet, but he shoots that down quick. Emmet and Lena enter the room and the Boiuna creature inside Lincoln mocks them. Lena then holds a flashlight in front of Lincoln’s face, which traps him. This allows Emmet to stick a jar near his mouth.

The next bit with the Boiuna taunting everyone is kind of predictable. Emmet begins praying over Lincoln in Latin. Lena mistakenly tries to help, but the spirit in Lincoln shoves her to the ceiling. He shoves Emmet down to the floor, and then rather creepily sings row, row, row your boat in the voice of young Lincoln. Emmet orders the creature to let Lena go… and then she drops to the floor. Is there any way to write an exorcism without it being cliche?

Lincoln goes nuts on the table. Emmet and Lena have left the room; they’re out of options for how to fix it. Tess figures out that Kurt knows something, and so they go to him for help. Kurt, Tess, and Emmet stand outside the room. Kurt tells them to talk to Lincoln and ignore the demon. That’s the only way to force the spirit out – get Lincoln to do it from within.

Emmet talks to Lincoln directly in a rather emotional scene, where he apologizes for missing all of Lincoln’s firsts and promises to be there throughout the rest. Suddenly Lincoln jerks up, the glass explodes, and the Boiuna slides back beneath the waves. Yay, Lincoln’s back!

Lincoln tries to apologize to Lena, but she steps away. He instead hugs his parents, and Emmet joins hands with Tess. The next title card says they’re at the exit to the Boiuna. Tess mentions the village only 2 kilometers ahead… except it’s not there.

Clark orders A.J. to send the robotic camera up. Once it gets airborne, we see video of exits from the Boiuna closing off. The river is changing as they sail, and Lincoln says what’s suddenly become clear: the Boiuna’s never going to let them leave.

And that is where the season ends. Well that was a bit of suck, wasn’t it?

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