The holiday season is finally upon us, and chances are good that many of you still have a lot of shopping to do. For those of you who have a gamer in your life, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift, and settling for giftcards is always the easy way out. This year, why not give them something truly special with one of these unique gifts?

Borderlands 2 – $59.99 

Arguably the best game of the year, ‘Borderlands 2’ is the perfect gift for just about anyone who enjoys shooters, RPGs, or cooperative gameplay. You’ll be dashing through the snow in a four-player Bandit Technical, leveling one of four unique character classes and collecting insane amounts of loot. The game works just as well when playing solo, and thanks to a wealth of DLC, there is a never-ending amount of fun to be had.

Halo 4 – $59.99

Master Chief made his big comeback this year, and so far, it’s been a big hit. ‘Halo 4’ is going to be one of the biggest games of the holiday season, and is the perfect gift for fans of the series, or of the first-person shooter genre in general. Featuring a brand-new story centered around Cortana, ‘Halo 4’ is the perfect launching point for those who may not have played previous games in the series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – $59.99

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a new ‘Call of Duty’ title. ‘Black Ops II’ is the newest entry to the popular multiplayer shooter, and is at the top of many gamers’ most wanted list. Sales have already broken industry records, but there are still plenty of gamers who are itching to get their hands on this one.

Half-Life Headcrab Plush – $24.99

All gamers like plushies whether they’ll admit it or not, and the Half-Life Headcrab Plush from Entertainment Earth is, perhaps, one of the coolest ones available. Now your gamer can have their very own face-eating, mind-controlling alien to keep them company when playing their favorite games. If that doesn’t satisfy you, Entertainment Earth has a bunch of great video game collectibles to choose from.

Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun – $59.99

Everyone loves the ‘Portal’ series, and what better way to make a gamer happy than by giving him or her their very own piece of Aperture Science technology? Available from ThinkGeek, this miniature portal gun replica features both orange and blue lights, as well as sounds directly ripped from ‘Portal 2′. The portal gun comes in a collectible box featuring unique art, and includes a stand for displaying the gun on your shelf. Warning: Does not create actual portals.

Video Game Wall Graphics from Blik – $50 – $75

Blik wall graphics are designed to instantly change the look of any room, and they make great gifts. The company has a special line of reusable wall decals that are based on old-school games such as ‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘Pacman’ and ‘Megaman’. Each set comes with some huge pieces of art that can be assembled in any way you desire. Want your room to look like the first level of ‘Super Mario Bros.’? Well now it can.

Nintendo Wii U – $299 – $349

Of course, one of the most-wanted items this holiday season is the Nintendo’s brand new console, the Wii U. Once again, Nintendo is delivering a unique gaming experience with the new tablet-style Gamepad. The console comes in two different bundles: The 8GB Basic Edition for $299, which contains the console and gamepad, and the 32GB Deluxe Edition, which also includes a charging cradle for the gamepad and a copy of ‘Nintendoland’, all for only $349. Unfortunately, the Wii U can be hard to come by, but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you’ll definitely make somebody happy. Of course, you’ll also need some games to go with the new console. ‘New Super Mario Bros. U’, ‘ZombiU’, and ‘Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition’ are all great choices.

The holiday season is all about giving to others, so this year, give the gift of gaming with one of these unique ideas. Happy shopping, everyone!