A&E has released the first promo trailer for its new scripted series ‘Bates Motel’ and we have it here for you to see!

‘Bates Motel’ serves as a prequel of sorts for the infamous iconic Hitchcock classic ‘Psycho.’ It follows a teenaged Norman and shows how his mother and her lover turned him into the psychopathic serial killer we’ve come to know, and it all begins when his mother, Norma, buys a motel. The series won’t just focus on the Bates family and what goes on in the rooms, but also focus on the town itself. According to creator and showrunner Carlton Cuse (‘Lost’), “This town looks really beautiful on the outside, but underneath it is something very dark and malevolent.”

Also included in this trailer is a great behind the scenes segment that includes commentary from the show’s cast and producers including Cuse, Vera Farmiga (who plays Norma Bates), British actor Freddie Highmore as the loner teen Norman, Mike Vogel as Deputy Zack Shelby, Nester Carbonell as Sheriff Alex Romero, Max Theirot as Dylan Bates and Nicola Peltz as Bradley Kenner.

While the teasers released a couple weeks ago really didn’t reveal too much about the series, this trailer does give audiences a good grasp of what to expect from this “reimaging” of the movie ‘Pyscho.’ The distinct dark tones of ‘Bates Motel’ are exemplified effectively and the relationship between Norman and his mother not only plays a large part in the series but also in this video. It looks like Cuse and A&E have produced a series that fans of Hitchcock’s film can actually get behind.

While there is no exact date as to when the 10 episode series will begin, the trailer does say the show will premiere sometime in March 2013.

It will be interesting to see how TV audiences will respond to ‘Bates Motel.’ What are your thoughts?

‘Bates Motel’ – Trailer