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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for ‘The Tick’ Season 2 premiere episode!






At WonderCon this past weekend Amazon previewed the premiere episode of ‘The Tick’ Season 2 for the crowd, which I was lucky enough to see for myself. And man, do audiences have a lot to look forward to this coming season.


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The show has a great foundation to build off of after Season 1, and they dive right in with Season 2, in a premiere full of action, new mysteries, the beginning of some intriguing character arcs, and of course, LOTS of humor. From the running gag of the Tick’s love of coffee (to the point of him drinking it straight out of the pot, after which he proceeds to serve other characters drinks with the same pot), to Tick “molting” which explains why his costume has changed yet again (and the bit where every time he finds a piece of his old “skin” he flushes it down the toilet, which is disturbing and not at all eco-friendly), the show has a great blend of comedy that always feels like it is working hand in hand with the plot.

nd the episode has a lot of plot to get through to set up the season, from Arthur’s choice to quit his job to take up crime-fighting full-time (mostly because his job says he cannot do both, because they are not insured to have a superhero on the staff), Dot’s newfound ability to see the future and her budding semi-romantic relationship with Overkill, who feels stymied by his oath to the Tick to not kill, the new crustaceous villain in town who our heroes run into while he and his gang are robbing the very bank Arthur is depositing a check into, all the way to the establishment of the AEGIS storyline for the season, who seem interested in recruiting Arthur and the Tick for the new Flag Five.


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Following the premiere, the cast and some of the creatives had a panel for the fans, and I got to head over to the press room to talk to them directly, where they discussed their thoughts on the upcoming season. Present were Ben Edlund, creator of the series, Valerie Curry (Arthur’s sister Dot), Peter Serafinowicz (the Tick), Griffin Newman (Arthur), Scott Speiser (Overkill), Brendan Hines (Superion) and Barry Josephson (Producer). Here are some of the highlights:

While speaking about her thoughts on Season 2, Valerie Curry said the whole thing has “more fun, more action, more absurdity” and in regards to her own character, she says Dot who seems to have her own new ability in the premiere:

“…gets off the bench and gets in the game.”

Griffin Newman says his read on the theme this year is that the whole season is Arthur and Tick’s:

“…Journey to figure out what kind of hereoes they want to be…. within a bureacracy.”

Which makes sense considering the storyline of the heroes getting mixed up with the AEGIS agency. Scott Speiser talked about the comedy of the series, and how absurd the world can be, and says that the absurdity in season 1 is nothing compared to season 2, specifically saying Season 2 is:

“…that [Season 1’s absurdity] times a million.”

Brendan Hines spoke briefly on Superion’s arc this season, where apparently the world is criticizing him for being wrong about the death of the Terror years ago, something the hero has never dealt with before. According to Hines, Superion:

“…is not fighting any crime [when the season begins.] He is experiencing global critique… He see social media for the first time, and he does not like it.”

All in all, I am very excited for ‘The Tick’ Season 2, especially if they manage to keep up the same quality and momentum they had in that premiere episode. Season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime on April 5th, make sure to check it out!