You’ve seen the trailer – now watch as director Guillermo del Toro discusses the video and brings new light as to what to expect with his film ‘Pacific Rim.’

What’s great about the commentary is that del Toro happily goes into the context of the scenes shown and even lets you know where that scene occurs in the movie, the background of the characters, and even how the pilots control the mechas. Better yet, he teases that the audience will also get a peek through the portal the Kaiju came from (hint: the portal is not under the sea as led to believe from the trailer).

We’ve waited 5 years for del Toro to get back into the director’s seat and after seeing the trailer for ‘Pacific Rim,’ it was well worth the wait! A new appreciation of the trailer is had after watching this commentary so make sure you re-watch it after seeing what he says below.

It’s already evident that ‘Pacific Rim’ will be a wild ride, but when del Toro, himself, describes the trailer as ‘Howard’s End’ compared to all the action in the we’ll see in the film, then you know “wild” is an understatement!

‘Pacific Rim’ isn’t slated to be released until July 12, 2013, so expect more information about the film as the date gets closer. In the meantime, check out the commentary below courtesy of MTV: