Okay. Before I begin this review, let me make it completely clear. I’ve never been a big fan of Deadpool. I’ve always found his goofy personality rather grating and I’ve not been reading his current series. I only picked up ‘Deadpool’ #48 because I was finally interested in the character because Marvel is allegedly going to bump him off in ‘Deadpool’ #50. That said, let’s begin…

This issue is part of the ‘Evil Deadpool’ arc. Over the past few years, Wade Wilson (Deadpool) has lost various bodyparts. Apparently, he lost enough to make another whole body because those bodyparts have assembled themselves into an almost not quite perfect replica of Deadpool and has decided to ruin what little reputation the “merc with a mouth” has left. To that end, Evil Deadpool has kidnapped the son of the NYC Chief of Police with the intent to kill the boy and ruin Deadpool for good. Not to be outdone, the real Deadpool kidnaps another kid and threatens to kill the kid before Evil Deadpool can knock his kid off.

That’s where we begin with ‘Deadpool’ #48. What happens this issue? Not a whole lot actually. The NYC PD is in a standoff with the real Deadpool who is hiding with the kidnapped kid in a taxi cab. Evil Deadpool is in and out of reality for whatever reason and can’t decide if he wants to kill the Chief’s son or not. Meanwhile, Captain America and Interpol are on the scene trying to figure out the best way to go about stopping Deadpool. To make matters worse, they believe that Evil Deadpool is Deadpool’s partner!

It sounds like it could be chaotic fun… but it isn’t. Daniel Way delivers a horrible story that involves insane rambling (on the part of both Deadpools), a poop bomb, and a paraplegic Interpol agent. Normally, I’d be all for a story that contains such diverse and obviously hilarious elements but it just falls flat here and confirms my stance that I really don’t like Deadpool.

The art from Salva Espin is the only high point to the issue. It’s kind of cartoony and crisp and a perfect fit for the madcap adventures of the fourth wall breaking anti-hero. If only the story could have been half as good as the art, this could’ve been the issue that changed my mind about Deadpool. But, as it is, I’m glad that he’ll be dead soon… for as long as that’ll last in the comic book universe.

Verdict: Burn

Written by DANIEL WAY