For the love of God, no more origin stories for how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. No more crazy plot-twists that bring the young hero in contact with genetic spiders that “happen” to escape, no more Uncle Ben deaths scenes, and subsequent funerals, no more watching him figure out how to make his costume, not more exuberant exclamations as he figures out what exactly his powers allow him to do. We have seen it, TWICE. Thankfully, Marvel has an entirely different approach for introducing the web-slinger into the MCU during ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ and I for one, approve whole-heartedly.

It seems that by the time ‘Civil War’ begins, Spider-Man will have been operating in New York for over a year, meaning all that origin business is long since past, and he has had a year of practice in crime-fighting. The reason he has not been mentioned before is that, similar to Batman in the DC world, Spider-Man will be known as something of an urban legend, doing his amazing feats more or less in secret, with criminals the only ones aware that he might be out there. To the general public, if they even believe he exists, he will be thought of as potentially dangerous, and maybe even a menace if the MCU wants to use J. Jonah Jameson and his famous quote about the wall-crawler. All of which gives motive for the Avengers to track down this potentially dangerous super-powered being, and allows Spider-Man to enter the story more or less ready for action, able to stand a chance against the well-trained heroes under Captain America’s command. Plus, Marvel has stated that by the time Spider-Man’s solo film is released, the hero will have been in action for over 2 years, which means the first MCU ‘Spider-Man’ film will feel more like a sequel, in that everything will already be set-up, and the hero can jump straight into action.

What are your thoughts on how Marvel plans to introduce Spider-Man into the MCU? Is there anyone who thinks he still needs an origin story? Will he actually stand a chance against Captain America or his team? Share your opinions in the comments below!

SOURCE: Cinemablend