Very few figures in any sort of entertainment reach out to their fans like Stan Lee does. Even in the early days of Marvel comics, Stan made sure to respond to letters to the editor and venture out for speaking engagements all over the place. Now, in our digital age, Mr. Lee is still maintaining that connectivity with his massive fanbase on the internet from the comfort of his own home via Twitter, his official website, and his YouTube channel, ‘Stan Lee’s World of Heroes’.

On his YouTube channel, you can find a good amount of original programming featuring Stan and his friends such as ‘Stan’s Rants’, ‘Cocktails with Stan’, and Adrianne Curry’s ‘Super Fans’. One particularly interesting program on the channel that stands out is called ‘Bad Days’. In this animated series, we’re shown that even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can have their bad days. ‘Bad Days’ is written and directed by Junaid Chundrigar and Davor Bujakovic, with new episodes coming out every Monday.  Currently, the series is on their tenth episode which features the Incredible Hulk.

The animation style and over the top comedy is very reminiscent of the cult classic cartoon, ‘Ren & Stimpy’.

Check out two of my favorite episodes below featuring Batman and the X-Men to cheer you up if you’re having a case of the Mondays, a terrible Tuesday, or some other catchy, alliterated day of the week phrase indicating that you’re having a bad day: